The topic of this text is you, me.
Still and firm, we are all asked to give up on some unquestionable rights.
Health protection is a fundamental right of the individual and interest of the community.
However this fundamental right necessarily involves common sense, which now in this particular time is translated into giving up on some of the most natural activities for a human being.
The virus moves fast as opposed to YOUR time that’s almost stopping.
This is the context in which the idea of the text was born.
You wander restless and cranky around the rooms of your fifty square meters of your apartment, bored and lethargic you throw yourself on a couch that hugs you with all your fears,
You realise time hasn’t stopped, it’s only YOUR time that has.
So you start remembering all the things you wanted to do but never managed to because there wasn’t enough time, it flew and not even uncertainties had a moment to face the false promises of a society that absorbs us.
Now you know all this, reality seems like death doesn’t it?
But instead it’s never death, if anything awareness is new life, enjoying time, observing the moon from skylights and without any boundary come up with a story.
Until you find relief in that continuous search and discovery of the similarities that shape the world, for which nothing and no one is the same yet not different, we are still for a reason, each one of us has to change deep down and than together with the Earth we’ll think of the system.

• Giulia Maffei Director
• Giorgia Arena Director
• Angelo Parisi Writer
• GiGi Prodaction Producer