Set against Hong Kong’s explosive politics from the student-led Umbrella Movement to the unprecedented Anti-Extradition Movement: Five young students discover the harsh reality of socio-political impact on their life and relationship, as they fight through their way from seeking democracy to defending their freedom from fear.
Maryanne and Yin are committed lovers at university. Historic events threaten to pull them apart when they and Maryanne’s best friend Shi, and Yin’s cousin Toh, join a nascent student strike to achieve their long-stolen democracy. Jessica, Yin’s and Toh’s remote cousin born in Hong Kong but raised in US, join them.
When idealism meets reality and the personal meets the political, they find they are weathering through storms of impacts on their goals and relationship in the midst of social turmoil. Yin faces opposition from his family whose business is seriously hampered by city-wide blockades, while Maryanne becomes ever more committed to the cause. Despite their pure feelings binding them together, will the strain of their respective ties and the socio-political chaos tear them apart?
Years after when Maryanne has become a legislator and Yin a venture capitalist getting into the Chinese market, they face an even tougher pull as the chasm between their goals and responsibilities deepens. Passion and love are the incentives of revolution, but will they get lost in their own ups and downs?
Charting some of the most vital moments in Hong Kong’s history, “Apart” is a handsomely lensed romance and heartfelt family drama mixed with documentary and fictional footages that tracks the characters from their free-thinking teens into adulthood bundled with responsibilities and hesitation. When the night is deep and the crowds are gone, and when one gets to sit down and reflect, is lost youth a mere regret or inevitable in growing up?

• CHAN, Chitman Director (directorial debut)
• CHAN, Chitman Writer (debut)
• YAU, Herman Producer
• NG, Sofiee Key Cast “Maryanne”
• OR, Will Key Cast “Yin”
• FUNG, Yoyo Key Cast “Shi”
• CHOI, Jocelyn Key Cast “Jessica”
• CHAN, Lit-man Key Cast “Toh”
• CHAN, Chitman Key Cast “Hung” Eve and The Fire Horse (Frank, the father)
• WONG, Bonnie Key Cast “Grandma”
• CHEUNG, Kenneth Key Cast “Keung”
• YUEN, Ben Key Cast “Nick”
• HO, Kai-wa Key Cast “Chicken”