Made by young people for young people, La Sindrome di Eva is a tale of adventure and erotica that tries to create a new point of view and helps the discussion on sexual themes and sexual education.
Five contemporary young adults run away from a party with no boundaries after the arrival of the police. They run through the woods until they find refuge in a strange house that seems to belong to the sexual revolution of the ’70s. Erotic objects and portraits, a mysterious diary and a long-forgotten family secret are just the beginning of a journey of self-discovery.

Matilde Cerlini Director
Enrica Cortese Director
Claudio Pauri Director
Lorenzo Rossi Director
Filippo Sabarino Director
Annalisa Cereghino Writer
Matilde Cerlini Writer
Enrica Cortese Writer
Piper Cusmano Writer
Matteo Mori Writer
Claudio Pauri Writer
Lorenzo Rossi Writer
Filippo Sabatino Writer
Lucio Basadonne Producer Unlearning, Figli della libertà
Annalisa Cereghino Key Cast “Diana”
Enrica Cortese Key Cast “Rachele”
Piper Cusmano Key Cast “Eva”
Claudio Pauri Key Cast “Tommi”
Lorenzo Rossi Key Cast “Alex”
Filippo Sabatino Key Cast “Samu”