Tragic comedic character study of a 58 year old, New York actor who has been in more than a hundred totally unheard of films.
In a poignant, funny, and unflinchingly honest piece of cinema verite, the camera follows Theo in his daily struggle to retain his integrity and keep his head above water in an industry that offers so much and gives so little.
Punctuated by clips from his many bizarre totally forgettable films, Theo takes us on a muddled journey through painful auditions, awkward rehearsals, and drunken dinner parties that describe his life in New York’s Upper East Side, where he shares a small apartment with his brother.
As we see his image gradually emerging on a portrait artist’s canvas, the camera searches out the real story beyond this actor’s resilience and flamboyant wit and unfolds a tale of deeper hurt and familial complications.

Charlie Williams Director Bag Boy Lover Boy, Indiana
Charlie Williams Writer Indiana
Andres Torres Producer Bag Boy Lover Boy
Bill Mack Producer The Obituary of Jasper James
Theodore Bouloukos Key Cast “Self”Hell House LLC, Jobe’z World, Bag Boy Lover Boy
Adrian Sandu Yota Sound All Or Nothing: Juventus, Busby, Sunderland Til I ide
David Burns Music Tracker, Making Waves

LENGTH: 1hr 36mm

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