Film HAVEL is drama inspired by the life and personal development of Vaclav Havel, prominent Czech playwright/ dissident/president. The film focuses on Havel’s transformation from successfull – then banned – playwright of the late 60’s into human rights fighter in the 70’s leading to his presidency in late 80’s. His transformation is the key here as this is not just descriptive biopic but drama of self-doubting intellectual torn between his passions and his self-imposed duties. From careless bohemian Havel grows into mature man realizing that if he has the opportunity to free the whole nation then he must accept this responsibility. Both for the greater good and to prove his worth – and to prove it above all to himself.

Slavek Horak Director Home Care
Slavek Horak Writer Home Care
Rudolf Suchanek Writer
Slavek Horak Producer Home Care
Viktor Dvorak Key Cast “Havel”
Anna Geislerova Key Cast “Olga” Zelary