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I am|A| is an audiovisual project that shows all human weakness in relationship to the usage of new technologies as surrogates of impossibile desires.
I am |A| To affirm to be, to exist unconsciously fragile and deadly human, imperfect, as an extension of itself in continuous change projected in the future that promises memories and emotions never experienced before.
I am |A| To be alone but deceived of becoming immortal and divine, as such to be convinced of getting and experiencing everything thanks to technology.
I am |A| Metaphor of a creative process that creates other life, which brings us to love sorrow as an integrated part of our rebirth path.
I am |A| Simulating, emulating something that does not belong to us or that was denied to make ourselves feel more human, to experience again the reverberation of primitive emotions and the abandon to an instinct that goes beyond evolution.
I am |A| 
A hybrid being in a white and aseptic space simulates the delivery of a child she never had. 
Her body is mutated and it presents a tiny printer in place of her female sexual organ.
The video is a live action of the act of delivery. She is confused by her aesthetic form and aware of being incomplete, ridiculous. She has the instinct of delivering even though she never did it before. 
Neither human nor mechanical, she feels alive for the first time by simulating what nature has rejected to her, experiencing the sensation of creating life, symbolic though, but always part of a path connected to her own existence, to her sorrow and to her desire to feel that emotion to the extent of loving a piece of paper.

Vittoria Becchetti Director
Vittoria Becchetti Writer
Vittoria Becchetti Producer
Ryoji Ikeda Key Cast “soundtrack”
Gaia Altucci Key Cast “actress”
Caterina Pelosi Key Cast “SFX Make up artist”