In Colors
A withdrawn woman spontaneously participates in a clinical study for people who feel “there but not there” and connects with a monitor through shared memories.
“In Colors” reveals the struggle of a young woman to transcend the space between herself and others. When she makes an instinctual decision to take part in a clinical study, she is led to the home office of an unusual psychologist and an invasive survey that conjures her fragmented memories. Upon this stark confrontation, she finds herself face-to-face with a way out of herself and into the world, but only if she opens the door.

Laura Martinelli Director
Natalie Jones Writer
Laura Martinelli Writer
Francesco Dragone Producer
Laura Martinelli Producer
Natalie Jones Producer
Bates Wilder Key Cast “The Monitor” Shutter Island, Joy,

Mystic River, Brotherhood

Laura Martinelli Key Cast “The Woman”
Alex Riccio Score
Natalie Jones Score
Jonah Fried Score
Laura Martinelli Score
Will Rogan Color
Donny Green Sound Design