Little Nations follows a momentous piece of mail as it travels through the hands
and into the worlds of young people from a rich array of cultures that constitute
Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood. Coming to a poignant climax, it illuminates
the true multicultural spirit of America.

Maria Allred Director
Maria Allred Writer
Maria Allred Producer
Dan Gregory Producer
Alex Brescanu Producer
Maddy Graefen Producer
Wes Roundtree Producer
Enrique Kings Key Cast Chicago Fire
Thabet Aljaboury Key Cast
Omar Koroumas Key Cast
Ana Everling Key Cast
Tevion Lanier Key Cast
Varasha Sivasubr Key Cast
Alize Lee Key Cast
Alka Nayaar Key Cast
Tayven Potdar Key Cast
Toney Gracen Key Cast
Brandon Rivera Key Cast
Bella Gastelum Key Cast
Emmanuel Cockrell Key Cast
Susaan Jamshidi Key Cast
Amal Koroumas Key Cast