Margot doesn’t like sleepovers. Trying to fall asleep has always caused her
anxiety, so any night away from home can be terrifying . And now it’s a party with
5 of her best friends who are all about to go their separate ways for high school.
Will she survive the night? More importantly, will she survive saying goodbye to
those who mean the most to her?

Gregory Abbey Director
Gregory Abbey Writer
Ginger Rollert Producer
Gregory Abbey Producer
Savannah Abbey Key Cast “MARGOT”
Francesca Decurtis` Key Cast “PEARL”
Helena Soter Key Cast “JESS”
Mia Martinez Key Cast “AUBREY”
Matteo Salimbeni Key Cast “NICK”
Sage Abbey Key Cast “SAM”
Katherine Castro Director of Photography
Gregory Abbey Editor
Artemis Karotseri Assistant Director
Mateusz Broughton “B” Camera
Christina Dobre & Sam Tetro Camera Assistants
Kurtis Riley Gaffer
Nick Dalessio Production Sound
Elizabeth Vrklan Key Grip
Luke Asente Production Assistant
James Craft Composer
Connor Greenwell & Michael Knoblauch Sound Design
Marika Litz Colorist
Phil Sokoloff, Vanessa Gould, Julie Sharbutt Special