Jasper and Hannah are two “hometown heroes” who never fully grew up.
Reuniting with Nick, their childhood best friend and recent college graduate, the
trio takes a road trip to Hannah’s family beach house in Maine where Hannah and
Jasper come out to Nick as an item. Meanwhile, getting black-out drunk on a dirty
beach just doesn’t hit the same anymore and the trio struggles to slip back into
their old debauchery while Hannah questions her relationship with Jasper. Hannah
can’t expect Jasper to change who she is, right? How can they make this vacation
fun again? Jaspers solution: “Why don’t we pretend to be other people?”

Tristen Stafford Director
Tristen Stafford Writer
Adam Gale Writer
Emma Grace Myers Writer
James Canellos Producer
Matt Walton Producer
Sikander Sidhu Producer
Paul Feldman Producer
Michael Bianco Producer
Adam Gale Producer
Libby Larkin Key Cast “Jasper”
Emma Grace Myers Key Cast “Hannah”
Diata Coleman Key Cast “Nick”
Troy Hall Key Cast “Charlie”