David is a guy with work, friends, and some success with women. Life doesn’t treat him badly, but he feels completely empty. Then Elena arrives to his life,idealizing her instantly. David thinks he found what he craves so much. He thinks he falls in love,he wants it with all his might. And this time it seems that things will work out well. It seems […]

Lugar de rodaje / Shooting Place: Madrid
Año de producción / Year of production: 2020
Género / Genre: Ficción
Duración / Running time: 19 min.
País / Country: España


Biofilmografía / Biofilmography:
After specializing in Editing at ECAM, he has combined editing works with his production company Kabiria Films. As a director, he has directed the short films 5ºC (2017), awarded at important festivals and Te jodes y bailas (2020). As a producer, the short films Mujer sin hijo (2019), and Into Notingness (2020).