The Biggest Obstacle follows the investigations of researcher and disability rights activist Jessica Murray as she examines accessibility in the New York City Transit System over a two year period wherein she progresses from a vocal activist to a person of actual influence and import in the system, all while under the shadow of her own imminent decline into disability due to multiple sclerosis. Features numerous interviews and ride-alongs with people with a variety of disabilities as they discuss and demonstrate their experiences with the transit system and their activism to fight for their rights. Also includes documentation of numerous protests and an exclusive interview and ride-along with New York Transit President Andy Byford as he discusses the work he did to improve accessibility and his sudden departure from that position in the middle of restructuring the system.

Gearóid Dolan – Director
Gearóid Dolan – Writer
Gearóid Dolan – Producer
Jessica Murray – Producer
Dustin Jones – Key Cast
Jessica Murray – Key Cast
Andy Byford – Key Cast
Julie Maury – Key Cast
Edith Prentiss – Key Cast
Jessica De La Rosa – Key Cast
April Coughlin- Key Cast
Katherine Taylor – Key Cast
Nefertiti Matos – Key Cast
Charles Cohen – Key Cast
Michael Lettman – Key Cast
Ruth Bernstein – Key Cast
Jennifer Bartlett – Key Cast