The “Henchman of Notre Dame” starring Kevin Mambo (title role in Broadway’s
“Fela!”), is the first African to play Quasimodo on film. His unscrupulous ACME job
agent played by LeRoy McClain (Shy Baldwin in “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisels”),
does all he can to steer him into the unsavory racket of henchman. In spite of his
superlative office skills, suave haircut, and penchant for salsa, Quasi struggles to
keep a lid on his homicidal temper while his ever scheming agent tries to railroad
him into a life of “thumb screws and molten metal down one’s eye sockets…”. A
fable about the ironies of looks vs character, notable inspirations include: Victor
Hugo, Mel Brooks and The Miami Sound Machine.

Timothy Naylor Director Buried Deep
Timothy Naylor Writer Buried Deep
Timothy Naylor Producer Buried Deep
Kevin Mambo Key Cast “Quasimodo” Luke Cage, Sheldon


LeRoy McClain Key Cast “ACME Job Placement

Agent” The Marvelous Mrs. Maisels, Shy Baldwin