A seafarer sings the story of how he, as a young man, left Falmouth looking for a new life on the High Seas. During his voyage, he recounts how the moon began to follow him, watching his every move. After months at sea, the ship arrived at a topical island where the moon lead him to his first true love awaiting on the beach. But the moon became envious of their love, drove them apart, and forced the young man, heartbroken and alone, back to Falmouth. Every time he looks up at the night sky, the moon is always there, reminding him of a love lost so many years ago.

Joël Gibbs Director
Kurt Rosenberg Composer Highland Home
Kurt Rosenberg Original Song Highland Home
Kurt Rosenberg Executive Producer Highland Home
Tim Gorman Musical Score Highland Home
Will Keating Singer
Brent Rogers Senior Producer Highland Home
Zach Stevens Producer Highland Home
Armada Animation
Abdel Pizarro CG Supervisor
Archer Dougherty Background Supervisor
Celia Kasper Character Designs
Ashley Malone Character Designs
Peter Olson Character Designs
Walter Lee Storyboards
Trea Bailey Storyboards
Hein Zaayman Storyboards
Ananda Aran Visual Development
Archer Dougherty Backgrounds
Dean Jones Backgrounds
Viet Dung Duong Backgrounds
Ryan Kittleson Character Modeler
Steven Alley Rigging
Abdel Pizzaro Layout and Animation
James Coakley Layout and Animation
Joël Gibbs Lighting and Rendering
Joël Gibbs Compositing
Abdel Pizzaro Compositing
Jairo Jimenez Compositing
Jude Galle Line Producer
Don Curlew Head of Technology
Tyler Goll CG Coordinator
GP Galle Armada Production
Rhea Borzak Armada Production
Randall Saba Armada Production
Logan Halsey Armada Production
Mike Halsey Armada Production
Brent Rogers Sound Effects, Foley and Audio Mix
Cube Recording Session Recording

Session Detail