Filmmaker Christina Zorich follows four NGOs throughout Southeast Asia as they
fight to affect change and end human sex trafficking.

Christina Zorich Director
Olympia Dukakis Producer
Christina Zorich Producer
Landon Satterfield Editor
Ciaran Vejby Editor
Hannah McDermott Assistant Editor
Simon Daoudi Assistant Editor
Laura Spaeth Writer
Andrea Valentine Writer
Stavroula Toska Consulting Producer
Stefan Zorich Post Production Supervisor
Christina Zorich Key Cast
Andrea Aasen Key Cast
Eng Veng Key Cast
Vannak Noun Key Cast
Chamroeun Key Cast
Annie Dieselberg Key Cast
Daniel Vaupel Key Cast
Maew Key Cast
Olympia Dukakis Key Cast
Christopher Barnes Key Cast
André Barros Music Composer
Christopher Barnes Cameramen
Christina Zorich Cameramen