The Skin I’m In is a mixed media art project that uses film, photography and
interview to explore the complex relationship between identity and physical
appearance. The project aims to further the conversation about identity and
acceptance, while exploring the delicate relationship between physical
appearance and self perception. The film takes an intimate approach, weaving
various individuals and their stories together into a textured and dynamic film. It
combines raw portrait capture and voiceover from the subjects, creating a tapestry
of their innermost thoughts and feelings, aiming to further the conversation about
identity and self-acceptance. The film has a raw, honest approach, shot on 16mm
and 35mm film for a naturalistic, unadulterated feel.
The Skin I’m Im is a unique collaboration between filmmaker Adrian Vieni,
photographer Anthony Tuccito, hairstylist Trevor Odho and visual artists Dina
Roudman & Nicole Charles. The project marries these artists unique styles and
mediums to create an immersive art installation that extends beyond a gallery
show or webpage. The film will also be screened at a gallery show at a later date,
accompanied by large format portrait photography and a print component – a zine
that combines more photography and graphic design with long-format interviews
with each subject.
Premiered on Directors Library and Booooooom TV July, 2020.

Adrian Vieni Director
Adrian Vieni, Dina Roudman, Nicole Charles, Trevor

Odho, Anthony Tuccito Creative Directors
Laura Mcmillan Editor
Jason Couse Composer
Evan Ciniello Director of Photography