This documentary film follows the lives of drag queens Laveau Contraire and Franky Canga as they prepare for a weekend of New Orleans’ queer celebration of identity, Southern Decadence. While getting a behind-the-scenes view of “gender fuckery art,” we see queer performers challenging social norms and the boundaries of self-expression all while being a part of a rich community of artists.

Both a display of the diversity New Orleans is known for and a lesson on knowing your worth, this film provides a personal perspective not only from the performer’s point of view but also that of the production side as Laveau strives to create more opportunities for BIPOC performance artists. From drag queens to burlesque performers and everything in between, To Decadence with Love, Thanks for Everything! is a lively portrayal of the diversity and utter freedom that comes with being yourself, jam-packed into a weekend in the lives of Decadence performers.

  • Stuart Sox Director
  • Stuart Sox Producer
  • Evan Sox Music Composer
  • Evan Sox Sound Editor
  • Franky Canga Executive Producer
  • Laveau Contraire Executive Producer
  • Marcus Shacknow Story Editor
  • John Lavin Story Editor
  • Stuart Sox Editor
  • Stuart Sox Cinematography