One day, Lucia discovered that she was a woman before a nun. Her humanity
was stronger than her vows. She finally decided to open up her heart and confess
her “sin” without knowing that this event would help her find her true self.

Andres Wolff Director
Andres Wolff Writer
Gianluca Mazzanti Writer
Andres Wolff Producer
Gianluca Mazzanti Producer
Stephanie Tatta Producer
Andrea Carriero Producer
Chiara Spoletini Key Cast “Suor Lucia” Let Me Introduce

You to Sofia

Sofia Pelaschier Key Cast “Lavinia Esteban”
Vito Napolitano Key Cast “Blind Man / Priest” The Third


Federico Baldini Key Cast “Galaxia” L’Italia ci appartiene
Beatrice Gambogi Key Cast “Sofia”
Olga Gallieri Key Cast “Ania”
Valentina Martino Key Cast “Giuditta”