“What I Can’t Hold” is an experimental film about loss and grief, structured as a
series of short episodes.
Using the language of visual metaphor each of the episodes delicately articulates
a nuanced emotional state as an aspect of grief: desire, stillness, dissociation,
failure, void, ceremony, love.
Together they culminate into the vulnerable entanglement that envelops a deep

Annabel Paran Director
Annabel Paran Writer
Annabel Paran Producer
Noa Gover Key Cast “Tea cup woman”
Deco Key Cast “Child in subway”
Odelia Toder Key Cast “Wringing hair girl”
Nathalie Basoski Key Cast “Water drinker”
Mor Mendel Key Cast “Interview on chair woman”
Alexander Mejía Key Cast “Chair care taker”
Abril Barajas Key Cast “Cotton clouds hands”
Nathalie Basoski Director of Photography
David Torcivia Colorist