Devy is an Indian American filmmaker who goes to India to shoot a documentary
and also meet her long distance boyfriend. Trying to keep her sanity while dealing
with elements of toxicity around her Devy is at a crossroads in life. An unforeseen
incident wipes away her blurry thoughts and brings out the warrior in her.

ohn Turturro Executive Producer Batman, Transformers,
The Big Lebowski, You don’t mess with the Zohan, Anger Management,

Lakshmi Devy Director
Lakshmi Devy Writer
Lakshmi Devy Producer
Lakshmi Devy Key Cast “Devy”
Adith Arun Key Cast “Arjun”
Naveen George Thomas Key Cast “Prakash”
Shreya Navile Key Cast “Kiki”
Vignesh Shivasubramanium Key Cast “Vikas”