Witness Underground reveals artists born into the high-control Jehovah’s Witness
culture who attempt to strike a balance between seeking truth and artistic self
expression. They push the boundaries until they hit the bars of the cage they’re in.
As their bond grows they challenge cultural norms, learn science, and seek mental
health. Although severely restricted they created over 30 undiscovered albums
under the label Nuclear Gopher of earnest and personal music that spans: pop,
psychedelic rock, EDM, shoegaze, and singer/songwriters. 42 carefully curated
songs punctuate coming out stories of deep loss and personal growth.

Scott Homan Director
Siân Walmsley Editor
Scott Homan Editor
Scott Homan Producer
Ryan Duval Co-Producer
Scott Homan Writer
Ryan Sutter Key Cast
Cindy Elvendahl Key Cast
Eric Elvendahl Key Cast
Chad Rhiger Key Cast
James Zimmerman Key Cast