The coronavirus impacts all sectors in society, with only essential jobs being
allowed to continue their activities. As a result, the creative sector is one of the
first to experience a dramatic reduction in projects and income.
With all these talented people being forced to stay home, a lot of potential is lost in
capturing this unique and unprecedented global event. But physical isolation
doesn’t equal a lockdown of the arts as well. Throughout history creative people

have embraced limitations and used them as inspiration to create thought-
provoking work.

Production company Fledge reached out to some of Belgium’s most talented
filmmakers to create a story that transcends the documentarian approach, and to
find a narrative that resonates with all people experiencing the mental struggle
during quarantine measures.
The short film was made by each crew member working from their homes, during
the COVID-19 lockdown in Belgium. As an ode to creativity and to inspire people
that beautiful things can happen no matter the restrictions we face.
The story follows a young woman stuck in her apartment, desperate to get out yet
fully conscious about the personal responsibility she has as an individual in this
global crisis.

Maria Leon Director
Maria Leon Writer
Roeland Jeangout Producer
Stéphanie Roels Key Cast
Pieter-Jan Claessens D.O.P.
Tom Syryn Editor
Thomas Houthave Sound Engineer
Bérangère Mc Neese VO-artist
Xavier Dockx Grading