Mission Statement

In a world divided by fear Independent Filmmakers from around the world join together in New York City for one week every year to share ideas, hopes and dreams. As the filmmaker’s show their films, talk on panels and interact with fans, the world’s similarities become obvious. Help the New York City Independent Film Festival provide a showcase for the best independent cinema, from New York City and around the world.

The NYC Independent Film Festival provides a showcase for the best independent cinema, from NYC and around the world, to the public and entertainment industry. The weeklong celebration screens the best indie films, offers educational panels and presentations helmed by industry professionals, and holds live performances. The Festival gives filmmakers the opportunity for potential distribution and funding, as well as awarding the top films across numerous categories, all whole giving them the opportunity to mingle and network with press, supporters, and fans.


The Festival is focused on low budget and emerging, yet overlooked filmmakers, bringing their talent to culturally enrich the NYC community. The Festival aims to create the largest gathering of true indie filmmakers.


Since 2009, the NYC Independent Film Festival has aimed to discover talented domestic and international indie filmmakers and embraces fresh ideas by screening over 2,700 movies from 96 countries in the past 15 years.