Winners for the 2023 15th Annual NYC Indie Awards!


Melodie Casta in “The Circular City” Best Actress in a Feature
Mely Bourjac in “A TRAVERS” Best Actress in a Short Film
Debra Solomon For “Little Hurts” Best Amination Film Award
“Our America” Best Art/Experimental Film
Gary Kohn in “Return to Eden”‘ Best Actor in a Feature Film
Ben Fiorica in “Animal Behavior'” Best Actor in a Short Film
Kevin Doan for “Saintly” Best Cinematography for a Super Short
Kevin Fraser for “Bernie Langille Wants to Know What Happened to Bernie Langille” Best Cinematography for a Documentary
Marc van Aller for “Mascot” Best Cinematography for a Feature Film
Gilda Sheppard For “Since I Been Down” Best Director for a Documentary
Gaspard Liberman For “The Suicidal” Best Director for a Super Short
Starsi Howell For “Bombay Beach” Best Director of a Short Film
“Children of Peace” Best Documentary Feature
“It’s Just Business” By Judy Boyle Best Mix Genre Award
“PROGedia – We Are the Night” Best Music Video
“The Sisters Karras” Best Narrative Feature
Tomer Shushan for “WHITE EYE” Best Script for a Short Film
Eddie Grey For “Weather Or Not” Best Script Super Short
“Tracks” Best Short Documentary
“Finding Vega” Best Short Film
“Safe” Best Super Short Film

Winners of the 2022 14th Annual NYC Indie Awards!

Here are 2022 NYC Indie Awards Winners!

Best Animation Beyond the Drama
Best Shorts  Tundra by José Luis Aparicio (Cuba) – winner
Best Director They Call Me Dax
Best Short Doc They Call Me Dax, by Patrick Alcedo (Canada) winner
Best Feature Doc Seyran Ates: Sex, Revolution and Islam, by Nefise Özkal Lorentzen (Norway)
Best narrative Feature Townhouse Confidental
Best Super Short Dad and the Fridge Box
Best Mid-length For My Daughter
Best Actor Thami Buti in “LEFA”
Best Actress Fiona Robert The Country Club
Best Script Between Roots and Wings
Best Art/Experimental Seaside Azan
Best Mixed Genre Mama
Best Cinematography They Call Me Dax, by Patrick Alcedo (Canada) winner

Winners of the 2021 13th Annual NYC Indie Awards!

Here are 2021 NYC Indie Awards Winners!

Best Narrative Feature “Being Mortal”

Best Documentary Feature “True Love Never Dies”

Best Mid-length Feature “When the Music Changes”

Best Narrative Short “808”

Best Sort Documentary “With Dad”

Best Super Short “The Gentle Art of Violence”

Best Director Benjamin J. Murray and Paul Pompa for “Untreated”

Best Cinematography Shumel Hoffman & Anton von Heiseler for “The Mountain and the Maidien”

Best Actor Viktor Dvorak in “Havel”

Best Actress Laura Martinelli In “In Color”

Best Animation Film to “The Door”

Best Art/Experimental Film to “I am |A|”

Best Mix Genre “Door” by Fella Cederbaum

Best Covid-19 Short to Yohana Ambros for “Goodnight”

We want to thank everyone who submitted their films to the New York Independent Film Festival this year. We missed holding the Awards Ceremony but we could not find a location that would host us that was large enough.

Winners of the 2018 9th Annual NYC Indie Awards!

Here are 2018 NYC Indie Awards Winners!

Best Cinematography. Laura Hudock, Jamaica Man

Best Narrative Feature The Best of All Worlds, by Adrian Goiginger

Best Documentary Feature. Jamaica Man, by Michael Weatherly

Best Short Documentary. My Indiana Muse, by Ric & Jen Serena

Best Short Film. The Girl in the Woods, by Sebastian Sdaigui

Best Super Short Film Strawberries, by Donggyun Han

Best Animation. In a Heartbeat, by Esteban Bravo & Beth David

Best Music Video. Closer, by Luke Slattery and Julia Anrather

Best Art/Experimental Film. EGO, by Kaya & David-Simon Dayan

Best Short Sketch Comedy Video. There’s Something About My Sister, by Rebecca Shaw

Best Web Series. Saaba, by Brandon Kramer

Best TV Pilot. Greenport, by Shannon Goldman

Best Short Screenplay. Magic Trick, by Gerald Teaster

Best VR Video. RONE, by Lester Francois

Best Actor. Obi Abili, Forgotten Man

Best Actress. Marama Corlett, Afterword

Winners of the 2017 8th Annual NYC Indie Awards!

Here are 2017 NYC Indie Awards Winners!

Best Director Sebastian Savin, Entropic 

Best Cinematography Tyler Harmon-Townsend, Saturday Night Special 

Best Short Screenplay Dolphin Girl” by Tanya Carleton Lovrics

Best Narrative Feature Burning Hope, by Lotfi Achour

Best Documentary #MyEscape, by Elke Sasse

Best Animation The Wishgranter, by Kal Athannassov

Best Short Documentary Kayayo, The Living Shopping Baskets, by Mari Bakke Riise

Best Short Film Saturday Night Special, by: Esteban Garcia Vernaza

Best Super Short Film Backstory, by: Joschka Laukeninks

Best Actor       Khadim Diop, Saturday Night Special 

Best Actress Abril Cira, Day Six (Dia Seis)

Best Music Video Fade, by: Ainhoa Rodriguez Lopez

Best Short Sketch Comedy Video Coffee Break, by Jason Ortiz

Best Art/Experimental Film 2.57K, by: Eva Colmers

Best Virtual Reality Video The Parksville Murders, Episode 1, by: Cari Ann Shim Sham

Winners of the 2016 7th Annual NYC Indie Awards!

Here are 2016 NYC Indie Awards Winners!

Best Director Joey Lawrence, People of the Delta

Best Cinematography Sean Stiegemeir, People of the Delta 

Best Short Screenplay MR. SAM, by John “Zeus” Kontoyannis

Best Narrative Feature Mile End, by Graham Higgins 

Best Documentary Waiting, by Cristian Piazza

Best Animation Taichi Mice: Entrance Exam, by Boqung Tang

Best Short Documetnary Jihad: A Story of the Others, by Deeyah Khan

Best Short Film People of the Delta, by Joey Lawrence 

Best Super Short Film Hello Charles, by Hamish Grieve

Best Music Video Human Cannonball, by Austin Elston

Best Actor     Esteban, from Denis and the Zombies

Best Actress Jen Tullock, from Partners

Best Art/Experimental Film Time, by Floria Sigismondi

Best Short Comedy Sketch Kinder: Tinder for Kids, by: Jeff Ayars 

Winners of the 2015 6th Annual NYC Indie Awards!

Here are 2015 NYC Indie Awards Winners!

  • Best Super Short Film – “1500 Words” by Andrew Chaplin
  • Best Short Film – “Stunned” by Gérard Pautonnier
  • Best Short Documentary – “Women of 60: Unboxed” by Peter Barton
  • Best Animation – “My Kingdom” by Debra Solomon
  • Best Music Video – “Intergalactic Zombie Hunter” by Jeremiah Kaufman
  • Best Documentary – “Dream On” by Roger Weisberg
  • Best Narrative – “Keep in Touch” by Sam Kretchmar
  • Best Debut Performance – Gaëlle Gillis from “46, XX”
  • Best Actor – Borja Espinosa from “The Long Way Home”
  • Best Actress – Camille Keenan from “Sunday”
  • Best Short Screenplay – “True Blue” by Phil Yuhas
  • Best Cinematography – “Wildlike” by Frank Hall Gree
  • Best Director – Marc Fouchard from “The Way of Tea”

Winners of the 2014 5th Annual NYC Indie Awards!

Here are 2014 NYC Indie Awards Winners!

Best Super Short Film Flux    Directed by Patrick Ryder

Best Short Film Shimmer.    Ko-Min Lin

Cieri Media Best Animation “Sausage”, directed by Robert Grieves

Sony Best Documentary directed by ‘Steven Dhoedt’

Cieri Media Best Narrative Feature  West End. directed by ‘Joe Basile’

Dark Horse Best Actress 2014 Anastassia Sendyk

“Dark Horse Best Actor” 2014 Neal Bledsoe

Panavision Best Director 2014 ‘Jane Cantillon’

Winners of the 2013 4th Annual NYC Indie Awards!

Here are 2013 NYC Indie Awards Winners!

Best Director: Matt Twomey – ‘The Duck Diaries – A Cold War Quest for Friendship Across the Americas’

Best Actress: Ioana Pavelescu

Best Actress: Tunde Skovra’n

Best Narrative Feature: Awakened

Best Music Video: Cara Campanelli’s ‘Poor Heart’

Best Short Film: Detasamentul Orb

Best Documentary: Unforgettable Fire *The Story of a U2 Tribute Band*

Best Actor: Casey Chapman in ‘Mother’s Milk’

Best Super Short Film: Swingers

Best Script: ‘Swingers

Merit & Distinction

Best Music Video: Vaseline

Best Narrative Feature: Puzzle

Best Actress (Julianne Michelle): Awakened

Best Actor (Adrian Titieni/Dan Nutu): Puzzle

Best Script (Andrei Zinca, Adrian Lustig): Puzzle

Best Director (Anthony Laura): Swingers

Best Super Short Film: Deflated

Best Short Film: Las Percepciones Contradictorias&

Best Documentary Feature: 311:Koko Ni Ikiru

Honorable Mention Awards

Best Music Video: (Jennifer Nocole Stang) – El Duelo

Best Documentary: (Matt Twomey) – Duck Diaries

Best Director: (Michelle Regina Iacobelli) – Unforgettable Fire

Best Script: (Edward Pionke) – Mother’s Milk

Super Short: (Usman Riaz) – The Waves

Best Short: (David Conte) – [escape]

Best Narrative: (Sloan Copeland) – Wet Behind The Ears

Best Actor: (Jason Zednick) – Swingers

Best Actress: (Megan Schmitt) – Swingers