Davis Hall

Davis Hall is an award winning filmmaker and actor (on stage and screens of various sizes)

Cedric van Eenoo

Cedric van Eenoo is an award-winning filmmaker, musician, artist and scholar. He is a member of Brooklyn Arts Council, and is affiliated with Manhattan Graphics Center and New York Art.

Lawrence Whitener

Lawrence Whitener has directed 6 SAG Shorts, including one Horror, and with them and my 14 Screenplays, 2 of which Won Richmond FF last year and Northern Va FF this year, My shorts and screenplays now have 37 Wins and 70 Nominations on IMDb

Nadine Kramarz

Nadine Kramarz is a jane of all trades with a minor in creative writing and a master’s degree in library science.  She has had short plays produced off Broadway and her short, There’s a Lock on my Sock, took the jury award.  She has written screenplays, directed short films, starred in commercials and short films, and has been a judge for NYCIFF for eight years. 

Brenda Whitehall

Brenda Whitehall is an award-winning, independent filmmaker based in Vancouver, Canada. Her production company Whitehall Entertainment Incorporated has spearheaded several projects including short films, animations, music videos and documentaries.

In 2017, Whitehall co-wrote and executive produced the short drama The Curtain, which screened in seven countries, in four languages, and won more than a dozen awards at international film festivals.

The following year, she wrote, directed and executive produced the award-winning short drama Little Oliver, which is currently on the international film festival circuit.

In 2019, Whitehall wrote and executive produced a groundbreaking short drama And Now This? about Canada’s medical assistance in dying program. She also wrote, produced and directed a music video “Meant for Something More” to raise awareness of trans teen suicide, airing on OutTV and available on YouTube.

Whitehall has several projects in development, including Rebecca’s Ring, an Irish romantic comedy, optioned by British-Canadian, Oscar-nominated director Jonathan Tammuz.

Yuval David

Yuval David is an award-winning actor, host, and filmmaker.  His work is seen in film, television, theatre, international film festivals, online digital platforms, YouTube and social media.  He directs, produces, and writes original content that is engaging and thought provoking. His unparalleled and bold work includes his award-winning unscripted digital series, “One Actor Short,”; as well as “What Makes You Beautiful?” “Better World” “What Are You Good At?” and “Pranks of Kindness.” 

He currently produces narrative films, documentaries, almost a dozen web-series, and regularly performs his one-person shows in theatre. 

In addition to CBS “Madam Secretary,” HBO “The Plot Against America,” and ABC “What Would You Do?” Yuval’s on-screen credits also include NBC “The Michael J Fox Show,” CBS “Unforgettable,” and NBC “Days of Our Lives;” leading and supporting roles in films such as “Incipient,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Nephilim,” “Awakening of Spring,” “You,” and “The Fifth Estate;” and lead roles in contemporary and classic theatrical works, including: Broadway in “The Game;” Off- Broadway in “Daddy Issues,” “Bunburry,” “Romeo and Juliet,” and “In The Swing.” As much as possible, Yuval enjoys performing in regional theatres across the United States and abroad. Yuval regularly does voice overs for animation, commercials, narration, documentaries, and industrials. As a TV host, Yuval specializes in human interest, environmental, travel, food, culinary, and lifestyle shows. He is the host of multiple shows on television and online. 

For more on Yuval, follow and subscribe:  Instagram.com/Yuval_David_  YouTube.com/YuvalDavid   Facebook.com/YuvalDavid  Twitter.com/YuvalDavid  IMDB.me/YuvalDavid 


Co-Executive Producer/Co-Creator/ Screenwriter/Music/Social Media
Danielle Johnson is the founder of her own Music/Social Media company “deejayandcatsproduction”, a musician, mix engineer, music
producer, a Digital Media Content Creator for end-user/audience in specific contexts, and Co-Executive Producer/Co-Creator/ Screenwriter of her first scripted drama series known as Jillian’s Peak with her lifelong partner Charzette Torrence. She has been an advocate in the Industry for the diversity of African American women in screenwriting, music, television, and streaming. Their script, Jillian’s Peak, was officially selected in two major film
festivals in 2018 in N.Y. and LA and vote one of the top 10 scripts in 2019 for
the LGBTQ Toronto Film Festival. She is a member of NYWIFT, IFP, and SAG-AFTRA New Media Project. Danielle and her partner have been casting, screening,
review rating, and voting on films for IFC New York, LA, and the Gotham Awards
for the past six years. This spring, they will be filming a short trailer for Jillian’s Peak with a well-known African American female producer making her directorial debut. They are the newest upcoming creators of content for streaming and television media. https://www.deejayandcatsproduction.com/


Co-Executive Producer/Co-Creator/ Screenwriter/Fine Art Photographer
Charzette Torrence has always been a spokeswoman for making a change in diversity
in the photography, film and television industry. The project Jillian’s Peak which is an episodic drama series made for television and streaming with her Domestic Partner Danielle Johnson. Jillian’s Peak script was officially selected in two major film festivals in 2018 in N.Y .and LA, and voted as one of the top 10 scripts in 2019 for the LGBTQ Toronto Film Festival. She is a member of NYWIFT, IFC, and SAG-AFTRA New Media Project. Charzette and her partner Danielle have both been casting, screening, review, rating, and voting on films for
IFP New York, LA, and the Gotham Awards for the past six years. This spring they will be filming a short trailer for Jillian’s Peak with a well-known African American female producer making her directorial debut. They are the newest upcoming creators of content for streaming and television media.

Pierparide Tedeschi

Pierparide Tedeschi is an Italian journalist, writer and filmmaker. Finalist at the national screenwriting award I Girasoli promoted by the Cultural association Cesare Zavattini with the short film Una storia così, he was assistant director of Giorgio Strehler at the Piccolo Teatro in Milan. He wrote and shot the video Arte in villa (Gori collection in Pistoia) for Condé Nast Editions and he directed Beuys frames. The film it was presented on 2014 at New York City Independent Film Festival, at Buddhist Film Festival Europe 2015 in Amsterdam, at Kunsthaus in Zurich and in many Italian and international cultural institutions including Renzo Renzi Library of Cineteca in Bologna. He has been the curator of several exhibitions of contemporary art, photography, and set design.
He wrote Metamorphosis of a Life. Lucrezia De Domizio Durini:International art, culture, and society from the 70’s to the present (Rizzoli Electa, 2018).

Mathilde Dehaye

Mathilde was raised in a multicultural environment, surrounded by her Russian grandfather, German grandmother, and Belgian parents. While growing up in the small city of Liège (Belgium), she took dancing classes for over a decade, trained in improvisation, and performed in a few plays throughout the years, coached by professional comedians.  

Two months after graduating from high school, she took a leap of faith and made her way to New York City to pursue her dreams. 
She first studied Meisner at The Acting Studio under James Price, then completed a “One Year Acting for Film Conservatory” at The New York Film Academy, and finally graduated with a “Two Year Acting Conservatory” diploma from The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute. 

As of 2019, she’s been portraying Amity in the J.J. Abrams & Stephen King series, Castle Rock.
Believing she’s a full storyteller, Mathilde finds much joy and inspiration in her writing.

She won The Strasberg Works Award with her full length play Snow White & The Beast, tapped for production Off-Broadway, directed by Renoly Santiago (Hackers; Con Air; Daylight). She then wrote, produced, and played the lead in Rhythm in Me, a short film which ended up at The Cannes Short Film Corner as well as at The Palm Springs International ShortFest.

Rob Lobosco

Rob Lobosco is a Melbourne based Actor, Comedian, Writer, Author, Filmmaker, Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Film Judge.

Rob has had various roles in Australian TV (Halifax FP, Frontline, Blue Heelers and Neighbours-playing Doug Marshall and the infamous role of Tom Jones). He has had appearances in the Australian films Amy, The Interview, The Zone.

He funded/produced his first feature film ‘Groomless Bride,’ playing one of the main roles – Adam.

He released his series of three books titled, ‘Heal yourself with my learning’s, his romantic novel, “In love with love-not him,” and his Dramedy novel, “Tough Lessons.”
Rob produced/wrote/directed/acted the comedy stage play called ‘Dress to Hide,’ (2010 International Comedy Festival) and in Feb/Mar 2012, the Italian stage play, ‘Due Paesi, Due Cuori.’ He also wrote ‘Due Paesi, Due Cuori,’ to a feature film that same year.

Rob wrote, produced, directed and plays identical twins, Tony and Lewis, in the film, ‘FATE – It is what it is!’ This film was an Officially Selected film at the 2013 New York City Independent Film Festival, 2014 World Film Awards (Jakarta), 2015 Mykonos Biennale Film Festival, Best shorts film festival, the Accolade Global film competition winning four awards.

Jean-Luc Julien

Award-winning filmmaker, Jean-Luc Julien, was born in Germany, attained French citizenship and moved to the U.S.A. as an infant. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater (acting/directing) from California State University in Los Angeles. While in L.A. he worked as a director in theater and film before returning to Germany where he continues working within the national and international entertainment industries. His films have screened around the world and some of his awards include Best Film, Best Comedy Short, Best Microfilm, Best Short Foreign Language Film, Best Romantic Comedy, Best Dramatic Super Short Film, Best Sci-fi Short Film, Best International Short, Best New Filmmaker and the People’s Choice Award.

Gaetano Nino Campolongo

Gaetano Nino Campolongo, an Italian guy born and raised in Naples, a beautiful city in the south of Italy. At a very young age, I discovered a passion for movies thanks to an old friend. Through the lens of some of the best directors, such as Charlie Chaplin, Alfred Hitchcock, Billy Wilder and Roberto Rossellini I was able to better understand the art of filmmaking and I started to see what it meant to tell a story through a lens, a camera and an actor.

I started my career in Italy in 2009 as video assist and utility. In 2013 I moved to NYC where I had the chance to know and have a hands-on experience with various cameras systems from Arriflex 35mm and Aaton Penelope to digital cameras like Arri, Red and Sony.

The film set became my school, a hands-on way to expand my knowledge. As I worked through the different roles of Camera PA up to First Camera Assistant I have had the opportunity to operate different cameras but more importantly have had experience to work with amazing Directors of Photography and Directors whose ideas and insights into this world of filming I will carry as I continue pursuing my goal of becoming a filmmaker.

I’m now a Camera Operator, Focus Puller and Cam Assistant based in Tokyo, Japan, where I had the opportunity to work on different sets from narrative feature film to commercials from corporate to documentaries.

Meghan Shea

Meghan Shea is an award-winning Director and Producer who specializes in non-fiction storytelling. She is a founder of Persistent Productions where she is the head of documentary development working between Boston, New York, and Singapore.  She draws from a background in the arts to create work that examines issues from multiple viewpoints and global perspectives. Her work brings an authentic and humanistic lens to subjects of great complexity. Her portfolio includes both feature-length and shorts that have screened and streamed on television, at museums, in numerous film festivals and as part of social action campaigns. Meghan received her Master’s in Fine Arts from The George Washington University during which time she was a fellow for EJS Women’s Leadership Program.

Flavio Sardinha

Director and Writer at Manta Filmes. It is a Brazilian producer company, focused on cinema and content generation, It has been producing several short films that were shown in more than 20 international film festivals, it produced more than 100 films that on the Internet exceeded more than 1 million views.
Graduated in film directing at AIC international Film School ( São Paulo ), participated in Sundance Art & Craft of Screenwriting and also in the last 6 years at the Cannes Film Festival.

Katia Houde

Katia Houde is a filmmaker and video & sound installation artist from Montreal living in Toronto. Her work deals primarily with memory, identity, and trauma using both found footage and original images. Her work has shown in the USA, Canada, Spain, Mexico, and Peru. She is currently on the board of directors at the8fest, a programmer with Ad Hoc, and a former board member of aluCine Latin Film Festival. She is currently pursuing a PhD in cinema and media

Virginie Balabaud

Virginie Balabaud  is french and lives in Paris.She works in arts since 1999. Her work is at the border between documentary and video art, but her favorite medium has always been photography, which she always includes in her movies. She is a psychology and psychoanalysis graduate, and likes to work on the topics of memory and objects, which she regards as media for remembering. 


Mauro John Capece

Film producer and director.
The international experience and the set have perfected the instinct in the choice of the productions to be undertaken.
He currently controls Evoque Art House, a company founded in 1996, focused on the production and co-production of genre films that follow the tradition of European cinema.
Evoque Art House’s productions have been sold and distributed (theatrical; television; V.o.d.) in the following countries: Italy; Canada; China; Japan; United States;
The films produced and directed by Mauro John Capece have been repeatedly selected and awarded by important national and international Film Festivals.

Leann Barna

Leann Barna is an award-winning screenwriter, story analyst for Disney, film festival programmer, and instructor at Transformation Film Institute. She holds an M.A. in Cinema/Screenwriting and in Biblical Studies. Leann owns Mining Company Media, which helps screenwriters tell their best stories and takes on select production projects. 

SangJin Ko

SangJin Ko is an Award-winning film director, screenwriter, and producer from Seoul, Korea.

His films have been selected for more than 130 Film Festivals over 23 countries around the world.

He majored in law at the university and performed military service in South Korea.cThen, he decided to follow his dream and moved to the United States to study filmmaking.  After he completed Master of Fine Arts Degree in Filmmaking, SangJin has started his career as a filmmaker.

Since 2014, SangJin has been participating in New York City Independent Film Festival as a Jury member.

Esteban Celi

Esteban Celi, has a BA in Cinema and Television, and received a Master in Communication. He is currently a research professor in Film Analysis and Film Theory at the Universidad Tecnológica Israel and a PhD candidate at the University of Palermo Argentina.* 

Erin Babbin

Erin Babbin is a documentary filmmaker who believes in keeping it real. Her work centers around elevating true stories from real people who exist in the margins of the mainstream. Erin continues her family’s tradition led by her great grandfather’s home movies, her grandmother’s photography and her mother’s filmmaking. In 2011, she co-founded the Chicago based film and photo production company On The Real Film, which creates social justice and art centered work. On The Real Film has had films distributed by Fusion network and screened in festivals internationally. Babbin has sat on the pre-screening committee for the International Documentary Awards and is on the jury of Slamdance 2018-2020, and the NYC Indy Film Fest 2016-2020.

Taylor Fredricks

A native of Fort Wayne, Indiana, Taylor Fredricks is an award-winning actor and filmmaker with credits that have been featured in nearly 20 festivals and venues around the United States. He currently resides in Austin, Texas, where his latest short film, Failure, was featured as an official selection in the Austin Micro-Short Film Festival, garnering a nomination for “Best Texas Film” and a win for “Best Actor” for his performance. In addition to his film work, Taylor is a musician and songwriter who frequently produces and directs music videos for other local musicians and artists.   

Bruno Brejt

Bruno Brejt – director, screenwriter, editor, born in Warsaw. Graduate of Warsaw University Department of Law and Administration and the Warsaw Film School.

He has produced over a dozen of short films, for which he gained recognition during international film festivals in Europe and the United States. Creator of music videos and founder of a collective of film artists called The Film Ensemble.

Currently, he is wrapping up his feature film debut entitled “Contract” and editing a documentary called “Saints of the Nineveh Valley”. The document tells the story of ordinary people touched by the drama of the Iraq War. Working on documentaries allowed the director to obtain the skills required to undertake the role of a feature film creator – patience, sensitivity and the ability to acutely observe human behavior.

He does not use social media, he prefers to meet people directly. Cat lover, enthusiast of long evenings and old records.

Pedro Coutinho

Pedro Coutinho started his career as Assistant Director. In 2008, he directed his first short film “The Name of the Cat”. The film was selected for many festivals, including Shanghai International Film Festival. Between 2009 and 2012 Pedro attended Columbia University to pursue his MFA in film. “The Game”, his thesis short film, was selected for more than 50 festivals, winning prizes in many countries, such as: Brazil, USA, UK and Croatia.

In 2013, he started to direct commercials, making films for big brands, like: Coke, P&G, Harley Davidson, Bayer, among others. At the same year, he directed the second season of “Elmiro Miranda Show” a TV comedy series, for TBS. As screenwriter, he was the showrunner of the TV show “Me, she and One million of followers”, that aired in 2017.

In March of 2018, Pedro’s first feature, “All the Reasons to Forget” was released in theaters in Brazil. The film, a micro-budget dramedy, is now is available on Netflix, all over the world, and was nominated to the Brazilian Cinema Grand Prize, as comedy of the year.

Xiao-Wei Lu

Lu is a Taiwanese Film Director and Creative Producer based in London. Lu’s work embodies rich, striking visuals and symbolism with a focus on cultural relevance.

She started directing fashion films, music videos and innovative content after she completed her Master’s Degree in Photography and Electronic Art at Goldsmith University of London.

Having directed and produced films for brands such as Chanel, Nike, i-D, Universal Music and Conde Nast, Lu’s work has been featured on platforms such as NOWNESS, Hunger TV, The FADER and Wonderland.

Michelle Lambeau

Michelle Lambeau is an independent filmmaker, actor, voice coach, and simultaneous interpreter based in Sedona, Arizona. Her award-winning documentary, Lady Susan – Missing Masterpiece by Jane Austen, has been shown at Festivals in New York, Paris, Palm Springs, Texas, and Costa Rica. She is a regular judge for the Ethnografilm Festival, and has enjoyed reviewing this year’s submissions to the New York City Independent Film Festival for the fourth time. Find her on IMDb and the usual social media platforms. SAG-AFTRA

Leandro Goddinho

Leandro Goddinho is a Brazilian filmmaker dedicated to LGBTQ+ issues. He got selected for BERLINALE TALENTS 2018 and won more than 100 awards in Film Festivals around the world. In 2015, he was selected to the German Chancellor Fellowship for Prospective Leaders sponsored by Alexander von Humboldt Foundation to research and develop a documentary project on LGBTQ+ issues. His graduation Project DARLUZ (2009) won 38 awards and his 2016 short film Piscina (Pool) had its World Premiere at Palm Springs Film Festival, winning 46 Awards and being selected for more than 140 Film Festivals since then. Goddinho is currently lecturing Machinima and Screencast Films within the Master of Arts in Media and Visual Anthropology at the HMKW University – Hochschule für Medien, Kommunikation und Wirtschaft Berlin.

Mário Gajo de Carvalho

Mário Gajo de Carvalho has 4 university diplomas in arts and cinema.
He co-directed “Circus Movements” in 2019 with premiere at the 57th Ann Arbor Film Festival in USA (selections at 68th Melbourne FF, 16th Vienna Shorts, 23rd PÖFF Shorts Tallinn Black Nights FF, 46th Athens IFVF in USA). Directed “The Boy and the Owl” in 2018 with premiere at the 29th CineMagic in UK (selections at 34th Guadalajara IFF, 36th Busan ISFF, 42nd LUCAS, 39th Black Maria FF, 70th Montecatini ISFF). Directed “The Millionaires” in 2011, which premiered at IndieLisboa (selections at 35th Cinanima, 19th KROK, 32nd Fantasporto, 12th Monstra, 11th Cinéma L’hybride, 7th Anim’est).
He produced “Histories of Wolves” in 2018 with premiere at 25th Hotdocs (selections at 22nd Full Frame in USA, 21st Guanajuato IFF, 33rd Stuttgarter Filmwinter, 23rd Regard Saguenay). Co-produced “John 746” with premiere at 15th Doclisboa (selections at 15th True/False in USA, 11th Ghent Viewpoint, 17th DokuFest). Produced “Rehearsals” in 2015 with premiere at 55th Krakow Film Festival (selections at 22nd Astra IFF, 29th Pärnu FF, 10th Ethnocineca FF Vienna).

Eric P. Granger

“Top 50 up and coming screenwriters for 2018” – Roadmap Writers

A student of Robert McKee’s “Story” and Arron Sorkin’s “Masterclass”.  Since 2000, besides screenplays, I have written, directed, and produced 4 murder mystery stage plays, and a full-length stage Musical (Book, Music and Lyrics), a collection of short stories on Kindle, and numerous magazine articles. I have won 2 “Grand Prize” awards for lyrics in Nashville and penned 20 original songs.

I have been a Judge for The Berlin International CineFest , the Lake Placid Film Festival the NYC Independent Film Festival. Now living in Lake Placid, NY and Costa Rica.

I have written eleven features, three shorts, and have four other features in progress.

Garnering 100  “Film Festival Screenplay Awards” in the past five years.  18  “BEST SCREENPLAY” * (eight different scripts) and 49 “Finalist” Awards. Including 3rd place at Cannes*.

Maryam Mohajer

Maryam Mohajer is an award-winning animator-director who was born in Tehran, Iran just before living through revolution, war and immigration. With a background in painting, she discovered animation after moving to UK in year 2000. She got her MA degree in animation from Royal college of art. Her short films have been screened at many festivals such as London International Film Festival, Edenborough International Film Festival, Flickerfest, Encounters and London International Animation Festival.  Her new film Grandad was a romantic has been nominated for BAFTA awards.

She lives and works as an animator, writer, director in London.

Nicola Fan

Nicola Fan is a Hong Kong based graphic designer and award-winning filmmaker. 

Her drama short film Lil’ Tiger, was awarded Best Director of Short Foreign Film at 2019 North Europe International Film Festival. In 2016, her feature length documentary She Objects, was an official selection at Sundance Film Festival Hong Kong. It was awarded Best Scientific & Educational Documentary at 2017 Nice International Film Festival. Recommended by Hong Kong International Film Festival, her music video The Eve, was sponsored by CreateHK to be sent to worldwide film festivals from 2014 – 2015. 

She is a Director for commercials, motion-graphics, documentaries, films, music videos; and Creative / Art Director for marketing and advertising campaign design. 

Nicola graduated from Rhode Island School of Design, with a BFA in Graphic Design. 

Severin Roald

James Barrow is a filmmaker, brand, content and creative director with over 20 years of experience leading, creating, and producing award-winning advertising and branded content for some of the world’s biggest brands across a large range of sectors. His most recent short film ‘Mum Said’ was shown at a handful of international festivals, including the Columbus International Film & Animation Festival, The Golden Eye Awards in Sydney, and the NYC Independent Film Festival in 2016.

With a passion for purpose-driven brands and deep respect for the transformative power of education, he has spent the last five years leading Brand, Content and Creative at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.

He is the host and founder of The B-side with James Barrow, a podcast series that goes behind the scenes with a diverse range of innovative thinkers to help others unlock their creative potential. And he actively volunteers as a mentor to young marketers and creative professionals.