We live in a digital world. But we’re fairly analog creatures.

Aurelio, a young man from Guatemala, sets out for the promised land. On the roof of La Bestia, a Mexican […]
A delivery guy’s bumpy ride through the 2020 lockdown, recording jingles as he navigates New York’s strange new reality.
Benji meets Erika on a dating app and decides to meet her, expecting to find the woman of his dreams. Instead, he finds the creature of his worst nightmare.
13 Attentions
A mother and her son can’t decide about dinner, this leads to a bigger issue.
2020 Chaos and Hope
A TIME CAPSULE OF A YEAR UNLIKE ANY OTHER. The film brings us face-to-face with the dramatic and emotional moments of 2020. Where do we go from here? It’s up […]
21 Days
In a dystopian future where ‘Big Data’ dictates life by predicting everyone’s death date, the government coldly informs its citizens of their exact date of death, 21 days in advance.
24 Frames
24 Frames Lalla blends the genres of coming of age, horror, auto fiction, and surrealism. The story is about Lalla Grotowski, a non-binary, down and out, beginner filmmaker, who is […]


A Boat in the Rain
A Woman and a Man are going through a breakup. Left alone, he remembers their dance of love. A storm comes and only the tiny folded boat may save them. […]
A Cross In The Desert
Pious girl Paraskeva, leaves her life in city of Constantinopole and after pilgrimage to Jerusalem, spends next 40 years in Jordan desert, fighting sins, temptations and inner demons.
A Double Life
A Double Life unveils the gripping true story of Stephen Bingham, a lawyer accused of passing a gun to prisoners’ rights leader George Jackson in 1971.
A First Flight – Meu Primeiro Voo
During the pandemic, a man trapped at home tries to discover new forms of freedom, choosing to fly through the empty city.
A Helping Hand
A man hears a podcast telling him to help others… he does so with interesting results.
A Shadow’s Glow
In a world where light and shadow are personified, a creature of shadow must journey across his dark homeland to return a young spirit of light back to his home.
A Third Country
The US-Mexican border has always been an open wound. There are times, such as this, when it bleeds uncontrollably. Valeria is a young pre-med student.
Adult Children of the American Revolution
A dramedy about a genealogist named Hattie Gilchrist helping a young man named Smarty Blue discover his deceased ancestors, which leads to an awakening.
Americana Laundorama
A young man does some laundry. Nate Soto Director Emilio Guarino Sound Design  
This experimental movie explores the concept of how a mother’s emotional state can impact the developing fetus in her womb. The film is based on the real 3D scan of […]
Can a character transcend the boundaries of their scripted existence and express something authentic? Is it even possible for a character to exist beyond the confines of the written narrative?
In an online chatroom, the paths of Lewin, a vigilante pedophile hunter, and a pedocriminal individual seeking children on the internet, intertwine.
Art Choke
Hady, a sensitive boy, finds solace in his mother’s world of fabrics, sketching dresses with boundless creativity.
Artemis is a poetic pamphlet about our supposed superiority over nature. The film reverses the prevailing narrative on the passivity and pitiability of nature and for once lets the animals […]
Isabel, a talented ballet dancer, struggles to prioritize her identity and her love for dance.


Back to Heaven
When news of his mother’s passing reached him, “Boat” the 34-year-old young man, who was caught up in a tumultuous city life, had to leave everything behind to return and […]
Bad for Good
Anthony, a New York City police detective, is torn between following the rules and being a good son. Caretaker of his debilitated mother Joyce, Tony wants the American dream but […]
Bare luxuries
With her landlord only offering a few hours to pay her late rent, Anya, a free-spirit music lover, must find a way to sell off her prized possessions before being […]
Be Nice to Fish
Two roommates fight about whether they should let the pizza delivery man use their bathroom, and the ethics of enjoying anchovy pizza in front of their new pet goldfish.
Before You Go
After a house party, two teens contemplate the universe, avoiding the happenings of last night. They agree to have one last cup of coffee before they must face a new […]
Beyond Farewell
AI engineer Sam grieves her late girlfriend Joy by working nonstop. Experiencing paranormal activities, Sam finishes her AR goggles as guided by a mysterious line of code.
Beyond the Bad
‘Beyond the Bad,’ the single and music video, are dedicated to my brother, Kristoffer, whom we miss dearly.
Big Little Woman
Three generations of women rebel against patriarchal prohibitions. In this cinematic letter, Swiss-Egyptian film director Nadia Fares pays tribute to her father as she recounts 75 years of women’s struggles […]
I am fascinated by the imposing nature of the city around me. The city is my prison, yet I feel no hostility towards it. It comforts me. I feel a […]
Blind Blood
Jack develops a conscience while he deals with an intrusion from his past life of drugs and violence.
Passionate music fan Lucy is on the cusp of adulthood when she travels alone to see her favourite band play live for the first time. As the evening unfolds, she […]
Born To Be Someone
“It doesn’t matter where you’re from or who you love, everyone is born to be someone.” P.J. Bracco Director Camryn James Monteforte Writer PJ Bracco Producer Camryn James Monteforte Key […]
Bridge / Keeper
As a bridge keeper makes his rounds, a mysterious sequence of events pushes him into an unexpected reality regarding the bridge in his care.
Brother and the Piano Competition
The girl wants to participate in the piano competition for further studies, while the family’s money went to the brother’s hospital, and the mother gives him all the love and […]
Baby growing in a womb, since the conception, and how he gets affected by the outside.
Burton Rocks Calling
Burton Rocks’ health left him isolated. So, he started calling some of America’s biggest stars. They answered. Forty years later, Burton shares his fascinating collection of interviews for the first […]
A dumb girl whose fantasy about pure emotions and love is broken by the cruel reality, and she yields to society and humanity.


Call Failed
A phone call between a bride-to-be and her fiancé is cut short while he is driving home and she suspects something terrible may have happened.
Cancellation Celebration/The Whippersnappers
The sun is shining; birds are chirping and The Whippersnappers are on the way to the GOOD WHEEL thrift store. While fishing for vintage treasure, OG discovers a bargain bin […]
Cannabis + Creativity
Anecdotal evidence suggests that film, tv and music wouldn’t be the same without cannabis, but is it actually true?.
Catching the Bus
Being fed up with seeing the elderly as the butt of fart jokes, sex jokes, and taking forever to cross the street jokes in American cinema and television, writing partners […]
Cats and Husbands
Writer/Director Grace Samson brings us “Cats and Husbands,” a fun and touching dramedy about a young couple’s challenges with In Vitro and the “unique” personalities it creates.
Christmas Eve
CHRISTMAS EVE is a short animation about the Christmas story of the rabbit ‘Belle’ and the hedgehog ‘Elleb’. Through the story of Belle’s warm heart and good deeds
Not only Elleb […]
Civic Duty
An ambitious university student pushes a brilliant professor to the brink of insanity as he wrestles over how his life’s work has the potential to affect all of humanity.
A short film about the REAL life golbal event of Covid 19 2020. Dany loses her brother and must fight for survival in the chaos.


In a dystopian world, a coal-burning robot working on a mine one day finds something that he has never seen before – a dandelion.
Dawn At Gougane Barra
The genesis of the film, Dawn at Gougane Barra, started some 16 years ago when Kurt was visiting Ireland with his brother. Kurt had read that there was an idyllic […]
Deacon – FOUND ME
Deacon explores a new place far away from home and gives a glimpse of what it’s like inside his mind.
Dear Hart – How They Dream. How We Dream #
“Dear Hart, How they dream. How we dream” consists of animations of a hybrid Père David’s deer combined with video footage where deer inhabit human space in a deep fake […]
Dear Owner
When a young married couple meet the owner of the home they hope to buy, they soon learn the meaning of the phrase “Buyer Beware.”
Don’t Stare, See Me
Naomi was born with a facial difference,and growing up she fell victim to the bullying of her peers because she looked different.
Young girl Pari is full of dreams. The fire of war darkens her world and forces her to flee through ruins and burning landscapes, hoping to reach The Land of […]
Drinking The Red Soda
In this inside look behind the award-winning film team from the Pacific Northwest, the true story of how a group of friends who met each other at a bar in […]


In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Taylor, an African-American delivery woman, crosses paths with Lin, the harried mother and owner of a Chinese restaurant in Queens.
Emotional Logical
A young woman learns a lesson upon self-reflection when she realizes she has been unkind to the person she should have treated the best all along.
End of Infinity
Two young women, swap jokes and comfortable silences on a bus journey through the idyllic English countryside. As the film develops we discover that their relationship is more than it […]
End of Summer
Weiqi Cai Director Weiqi Cai Writer Yilin Xing Producer Yi Liu Key Cast”Mom” Aidan Li Key Cast “Boy”
“Entity” is a visually striking exploration of the human experience, captured in the timeless allure of black and white cinematography.
Even in the Light
Sofia, a non-binary 9-year-old is struggling with the polarities of their identity. The world around them quickly becomes violent due to the lack of guidance and protection from their caregivers.
Everything Dies Out Here
In a barren, oil-soaked wasteland after global catastrophe, a man clings to the last flower on Earth. As danger mounts from unforeseen forces, his connection to the flower proves a […]


Farvæl is a Faroese song about grief. We have all felt grief and most of us have lost someone we care about. When it hits, we often get paralyzed and […]
Finding Dad
A filmmaker hires an actor to portray herself and go to Augsburg, Germany in an attempt to reconnect with her estranged and reluctant father.
Fitting Descriptions
Dina, an aging CODA (Child of Deaf Adults) stage actor haunted by a past humiliation, tries to jump-start her failing on-camera career by rebranding.
One of the most known catastrophes in human history leaves an old man with nothing but delusion and the haunting memories that plague him.
Funeral of Baewoo
In Korean culture, ‘living people pay for the dead at the funeral’ and ‘Lee-baewoo’, an aspiring actor, tries to make ‘money’ from ‘death’ after having a fake funeral with his […]
A teenage boy struggles with his desire for better soccer gear.


Galactic Greed
An alien travels to Earth only find out he cannot afford gas here. Using only coin he has to play the slot machine, he hits the jackpot but gets greedy.
Glimpse of Childhood
On her birthday, a young girl finds herself in the company of a guilt-ridden and emotionally detached family, where each member grapples with personal challenges in an attempt to rise […]
Globuline’s Game
“GLOBULINE’S GAME” is a 52-minute art house film, with English subtitles. Set against the backdrop of the nascent French dating websites in 2003, the narrative follows Globuline’s encounters with various […]
Gold Lust
A Spaghetti Western, Father and Daughters live in the middle of nowhere. Father owes debt to a Man who comes to live with them.
Great Photo, Lovely Life #
Photojournalist Amanda Mustard returns home to Pennsylvania to investigate the sexual abuse crimes committed by her grandfather. A visual whirlwind of memories from her family’s archive unravels a world of […]
Growing Boy
After his height is mocked, a short man gets a life-altering operation.


Happy Box
Lauren, a once dedicated employee of Happy Box, INC, is now seventeen years in to her twenty-five-year contract and feeling stuck. Literally.
Happy Ever After
This movie shows and sings the tale of a poet; falling into dreams, travelling in fantaisies. A movie made of images generated by an artificial intelligence, giving to the movie […]
Harlem Fragments
An Afro-futurist scrapbook storytelling of a Harlem Black family’s beautiful destruction during the 2008 recession. A natural disaster so mesmerizing you can’t look away from the tragedy. Based on true […]
HEARTACHE is an album written about and through the ever winding road of grief. In 2023, a year after the original release of the album, a group of Chicago filmmakers […]
Holding You Tight
This video contrasts the joy of thinking, and singing about happy times with a love-interest versus a time of separation. The song and video portray a situation where the singer […]


I Am Kanaka
Despite a dark history and only 5% speaking the native language, a local Hawaiian hero fights to save his culture by teaching traditions, sustainability and life skills to disadvantaged indigenous […]
I Called You
Home alone after a night out, Sammy finds signs of an intruder and must convince the Police she is in danger. But should they believe her? Jane Moriarty Director Bernice […]
I Was Gone for Awhile
An ordinary summer day takes a dark turn when a young girl narrowly escapes a sexual predator 
I Won’t Live A Lie
Zan Zone chemistry is in full force on “I Won’t Live A Lie” with Zan and Phil trading off lyrical barbs and lances.
Immortal Mind
In a future world where brain-computer interface (BCI) surgery is ubiquitous, individuals face a choice: upload their consciousness to the cloud for immortality, or preserve their physical bodies in a […]
In Between!
A couple desperate for a child takes a dark turn when they decide to buy one from a poor couple, but the consequences of their actions prove to be more […]
When do you answer the last pay phone in L.A.? Only when your conscience has nothing to say. His does.
After being broken up by her ‘perfect’ boyfriend for being sexually frigid, Sulli stumbles upon him having an affair. Disillusioned, she swims alone and accidentally chokes. As she struggles, a […]
Island Dreams
Beautiful San Pedro Belize – the land. the water, the people
It was Love to Me
A complex, intimate relationship brews between a 15 year old tennis player and the 18 year old prodigy he looks up to.
It’s All Your Fault
For those of you who always carry the weight of the world, just know, it’s all your fault.
Ivy’s dream
After a tragedy that she struggles to understand, a wife and mother falls into alcoholism, unable to cope. Her confused husband, fed up with her dangerous behavior in front of […]


Khruangbin: A Love International
‘A Love International’ is a feel-good tale of young romance, rivalry, and mango sticky rice. Shot on location in Thailand, it’s the third music video Scott Dungate has directed for […]
Kungfu Water
Gung Fu — the best example would be a glass of water. Why? Because water is the softest substance in the world, but yet it can penetrate the hardest rock […]


Lakna feat Malcolm – Sans écran
The lyrics of the music depict a couple who can no longer agree on their position in their relationship. A desire to escape even while being in a place that […]
Las Mujeres
“Las Mujeres” premiered on the last day of International Women’s Month to honor revolutionary women around the world who have paved the way and shared their stories. Edited by Nor […]

journey begins at Newark Liberty International Airport. In one of the largest public art projects since the days of Roosevelt
Zari and Aina are a young couple, orbiting each other but struggling to connect. We first see each of them in their own element: Zari painting to finish a piece […]
Lionfish An Invasive Species
A vicious invasive predator is ruining coral reefs along the United States Atlantic seashore, down in Mexico and even in the Mediterranean.
Love Unscripted
This intimate documentary traces the journey of a couple as their relationship evolves from lighthearted to serious. Navigating complex topics such as parenthood, finances, and marriage, the couple encounters unforeseen […]
Lovely Jackson
America’s longest wrongfully held exonerated person, Rickey Jackson, returns to the prison where his 39 year journey of survival began and guides his younger self from death row to freedom.


Make a Wish, Benóný!
Rolling stone and absentee father, Benóný, is in for a surprise when his path unexpectedly crosses with his teenage daughter, blissfully unaware of him, on vacation in his isolated seaside […]
Mal Amando (Bad Love)
Latin lovers in New York City Pablo Raul DirectorN Pablo Raul Writer Pablo Raul Producer Adriana Olivares Key Cast
Metal Men
From the 1980 recording by legendary Boston punk/new wave band, La Peste, originally released by smasheasy® in 2004. The video was created by Conni St. Pierre in 2023.
Method to their Madness
A Production assistant working on a low budget horror film is trapped in the apartment of the film’s method acting antagonist.
Missing Her
When a middle-aged man, coping in a dystopian world, is forced to spread his dead wife’s ashes by a government mandated deadline, a stranger’s kindness is the only lifeline to […]
Brazil: In a gray city in the near future, religious sects and rats live on the prowl. It rains non-stop.
Moments! Music Video
In a hazy, derelict room, a man sits peering into moments from his life. As he shines a beam of light onto these unfolding moments, they each take a magical […]
Si enters his memories within the old house, meeting a goldfish, his past self and a closed door. He wanders through the spaces within the various memories, one step closer […]
Music for a While
Wandering through busy New York City streets, a solitary figure’s quiet desolation is lifted by the serenade of a saxophonist’s solo. Answering its call, he transforms the urban scene into […]
Music video for Rohingya Refugee Women
This Music video made only for Rohingya Refugee Women where they can come to only for peace and rest in this refugee camp.
My Vagina
PTA Prez Keli Pam Convoy is the perfect mother who does everything perfectly except this one little thing…she accidentally sent a picture of her vagina to her manny (male nanny), […]
Mysterious Origin
Dena K Miller Author Daniel Page Name of Artist Dena K Miller Writer Daniel Page Producer Jimi Miller Producer Danilel Allison Key Cast “Guy in Hoodie” Jimi Miller of artist […]


Nancy Joy
“Nancy Joy” is a poignant documentary that chronicles the remarkable life of Nancy, a survivor of World War II whose journey of resilience and perseverance unfolds against the backdrop of […]
Not Wasting My Time
Steven Hock has dedicated his life to rescuing stray cats. This portrait follows him on his mission to trap, socialize, and find homes for as many cats as possible.


Objects in The Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear
Hypnotic, unreal, confusing, this piece tells the abstract depth of images and the ambiguous perception implied by a point of view.
On the Dying Grass
After a Hollywood agent, Dawn, suffers the loss of her biggest client and closest friend, she is left struggling to find her place in the world.
Only Dark From Outside
This is an experimental film based on “Aphorisms on Futurisms” a poem by Mina Loy. Painter and poet Mina Loy ( 1882- 1966) was a charter member of the generation […]
Only Human
“Only Human” is a music video that explores the societal pressure to put forth a performative display of success for our peers, masking the imperfections that make us human.
Open Streets
Open streets is a film that sheds light on graffiti and street art. The documentary showcases artists and writers from Canada, United States, Chili, France, Germany and The Netherlands.
They guard art. They make art. No one spends more time around the world’s most famous artwork than the security guards that protect them.


Part Time
Everyone’s got a back-up gig these days. As Skip’s job interview starts to sink, the truth about his other occupation begins to surface.
Passing Through
In a remote, abandoned desert town, a vibrant community of artists breathes new life into the desolate landscape, drawing attention to the ecological crisis and imminent demise of the Salton […]
Pre-Existing Freedom
In the year 2020 the world took a turn for the worst or the better depending on how you look at it. “Maybe this is the beginning of the rest […]
Prejudice and Pride: Swedish
Prejudice & Pride – Swedish Film Queer is a rainbow-colored rollercoaster ride through a stunning collection of films.
Prison Romance
Pavel Gavrilin Director Nicholas Morgan Producer Pavel Gavrilin Producer SMITH DOP DOP Max Cast Pavel Gavrilin screenwriter Duration: 4 mins: 45 sec
Private Parking
“Majid” leave the house on the fireworks Wednesday night (an Iranian Carnival) to make sure about the betrayal of his wife, “masi”, he used a family gathering as an excuse […]
Winter, 1942. Beyond the Arctic Circle, on the uninhabited island of Trofimovsk in the Laptev Sea, deported peoples struggle to survive.


Raf n’ Soul Feat. Michela Musolino Folk Palummedda (Official Music Video) English Subtitles
This is one of the chants that Sicilian People used to sing in the farm during the year of 1800, and the rhythm was from the tools they used during […]
Resolve In Venezuela
For 24 hours, through a parallel montage, we will follow, camera in hand, a series of anonymous and humble characters of the Venezuelan people, selected from hundreds, whose daily actions, […]
Right and Wrong #
Born Great, Beyond Dichotomy. This is a pioneering and thought-provoking concept. In order to achieve a high level of aesthetics and depth of thought, chinese director Jody Xiong completed a […]
Robot Parade
At once succinct and far ranging, witty and full of sophisticated allusions, Robot Parade has an ending which takes audiences by surprise.
Room To Breathe
Newlyweds Mary and Dave, who live in Washington, D.C., confront pandemic parenting and virtual school in their search for household balance.


Jamie, an impulsive and rebellious teenager, mourning the recent death of her mother, goes on the hunt to find fireworks to relive a lost memory and repair a broken relationship […]
Mature Audience, nudity Director: Pedro Florêncio Cinematography: Pedro Florêncio Editors: Pedro Florêncio, Mário Gajo de Carvalho Sound design: João Gomes Producer: Mário Gajo de Carvalho Duration: 9 mins  
Short-form documentary of people’s emotions listening to the new Sigur Ros album, which will be released in June 2023. 50 people share their first reaction with the camera and tell […]
Silence of the Prey
In a desperate bid to secure a future for her child, an undocumented immigrant mother takes a caretaker job. Unbeknownst to her, the elderly man conceals a horrifying truth.
Silent Introduction
A pretentious record store clerk must defend her music taste after a finance bro tries to purchase a rare used record.
Singing in the Lifeboat
Jin seeks solace in the woods of Pennsylvania amidst the Covid pandemic. Surrounded only by trees, her thoughts become increasingly fraught with desperation and danger.
Sins of Adam
A sentient robot is returned to it’s manufacturer for troubleshooting.
Skate Night #
Skate Night is a documentary film about freedom told through a unique community of inline skaters as they explore New York City on wheels.
Slumber Party
In “Slumber Party,” two novice criminals, Ilya and Alexei, are sent by their mentor, Nikolai, to steal from a gangster’s mansion. To their shock, they stumble upon a tweenage slumber […]
A young man tries to grow an oak tree by combining soil, an acorn, and the ashes of his dead father. (Dramedy)
Late at night, a screenwriter recollects an unpleasant encounter with the receptionist of the motel he is staying at. As this memory haunts him, his thoughts blur with the story […]
Special Arrangements
Based on a true story, 1930-1931 letters found hidden in a Los Angeles house between a Chinese male immigrant and a Caucasian woman “come alive” through voice overs of Chinese […]
Stakes Is High
Will Goldin’s life is turned upside down when he leases a car to drive for a rideshare company. He quickly realizes he can’t afford the car and his apartment – […]
Stop Whining and Start Winning
When a contract killer has a last-minute change of heart inspired by his favorite new self-help book, he triggers a disastrous chain of events amongst his criminal co-workers.
On the most isolated island of the Aegean Sea, a man faces a series of paradoxical challenges to reach his final destination.
A man gets stuck in a sex doll who has become attached to him romantically.
After decades of living in Hamburg, Reyhan returns to Istanbul with her husband for a short while. On the eve of setting back, she realizes that she has lost her […]
Swallow Dear Swallow
Wistful accordion music and stunning shadow imagery swirl together in this visually and acoustically lush short film about two dreamers that unite in a quest to help others.


Tear in the Void
Tear In The Void is the psychological drama about the mental-break down- journey of the deaf-mute Counsellor named Dev, who sheds a tear as a sense of salvation for his […]
Technical Support
Milton, a lonely middle-aged man, is thrilled when his new sex robot is delivered. As he explores all her pre-programmed modes, he begins to become emotionally attached to his new […]
Telling Mattresses Stories
When they try to return a mattress after three days of use, Jason and Ellie find themselves on a Kafkaesque quest to keep it out of a landfill.
The Age of Dinnersaurs
A journey back in time, to see these marvelous prehistoric animals.
The Art Assistant
An art assistant reflects on the highs and lows of working under a world-famous contemporary artist, who also happens to be her vacuum.
The Art Of Restoration
Nothing in the world stays the same. This is true even to Buddhist statues. A project starts to restore a Buddhist statue that was made 700 years ago in order […]
The Barking Mania
‘The Barking Mania’ employs a visual style characterised by sharp angles and dissonant imagery. It presents a narrative that defies conventional expectations, as anachronistic graphics collide with a seductive voice-over, […]
The Casting Couch on Greenwich St
When young actress Mia meets a top-tier film producer with a questionable reputation, she discovers that fighting for her career could have unimaginable consequences. This is a “Me Too” film […]
The Community Gardens of New York
Without public space access to democracy goes out the door. Yet, around the world, public spaces are under siege. The Community Gardens of New York is a story about democracy […]
The Cost of Living
“THE COST OF LIVING” depicts the lives of three families who call the greater Flushing, Queens area their home.
The Edge
Some of us are aware, some of us are not, but we are all teetering back and forth on the edge of the same cliff, trying to keep our balance.
The Empty Room
One night, in a luxury hotel, a man sends for a prostitute. An unexpected exchange takes place between these two beings, trapped within the mystery of their loneliness.
The Ensemble
An acting class demonstrates the horrors of society.
The Everything is Okay Show
A variety show where the dead complete their dying wish from the living world before moving on to the next one.
The Front Line
A South Korean soldier, Moon, is on duty at a guard post near the borderline of the Korean DMZ. One late night, he receives a radio transmission warning him of […]
The Globe Trotters
With the help of his friends, a terminally ill young man lives out his bucket-list, though not in the way he expected.
The Great Salento war
In a desperate bid to secure a future for her child, an undocumented immigrant mother takes a caretaker job. Unbeknownst to her, the elderly man conceals a horrifying truth.
The Herricanes
The Houston Herricanes were a part of the first women’s full tackle football league in the 1970s. Their unknown story is one of commitment, courage, and strength.
The Ick
After witnessing her boyfriend’s mildly embarrassing flub at a dinner party, Lizzie can’t help but see the entire relationship in a new light.
The Little Death
Found beaten and heartsick outside of a Virginian motel, Kurt, 19, is taken in by a colorful group of sex workers and becomes captivated by a young prostitute named Rose.
The Method
A toothless production team hires a trendy young pretty boy, barely an actor, to star in classic Soviet director’s latest film, to play a role of a lifetime, a one […]
The Only Girl in The Orchestra
87-year-old Orin O’Brien never wanted the spotlight, but by being the first woman hired to the New York Philharmonic, it was inevitable. Now, in her retirement, she insists that her […]
The Peach
Russ catches up with his buddy Dave by watching a film. A certain scene takes Russ by surprise and his night takes a strange turn..
The Stairs
Rose, a child of Irish and Italian immigrants in 1968 Brooklyn, attempts to fit in with the boys by joining the game her brother plays with his friend.
The Thickness of Glass
“There’s something very satisfying about how the images flow together and how the sound adds a certain timelessness. The images of the glass ceilings and people’s shadows are something I […]
The World’s Most Miserable Priest
A tattooed, cigar-smoking, non-conforming monk, who grew up in a Puerto Rican family, does all he can to support his community in the heart of Queens of New York City, […]
Those Three Months
Shaikh Sana finds a video clip about her orphanage while searching the internet. It triggers memories of a dreadful time as a reclusive child (11yrs old), with her friend Rahin […]
Title 26
A father is faced with a difficult decision when he gets audited by the IRS. He can either live in constant fear of getting caught, or he can come clean […]
Top View of my Brain as a Crime Scene
A Dream. A woman is sitting in a forest clearing. Did something horrible happen? Children are dead or gone.
Trust in Love
Mickey Ferrera’s recording producing career is going down the tubes, his estranged wife wants a divorce and his son is struggling with the reality that he is gay, but Mickey […]
Two Lives in Pittsburgh
Confronted by his mother’s illness and his child’s exploration of gender, a traditional blue-collar guy is torn between who he has always been and who his child needs him to […]


A young witch looking for a familiar finds an unlikely ally in a trash-loving possum in this lighthearted romp about growth, love, and garbage.
Unio Mystica
In the Middle Ages, the “women’s mysticism” movement emerged in Central Europe. Unmarried and widowed women found refuge in monastery-like communities, such as the Beguine movement, which was a lay […]
As a mom tries to untangle her young daughter’s hair, the world changes around them.


A young female artist unravels the beautiful facade that painted over her lover’s abuse.
Eyes are magical spheres that make up dreams and retain memories. In our eyes, the visions of the within and of the beyond overlap. New worlds come to be when […]


Walking in Place
Chris falls into an episode of depersonalization and is trying to feel present again. As the world around him becomings increasingly hostile, family and friends attempt reaching out to pull […]
WARNING NO SWIMMING is about how any human being does not reach anywhere by immersing himself in delusion to fill his existential loneliness, because this void space will never be […]
An intimate and kaleidoscopic view of the Hudson River, Weepnot interweaves history, real and imagined, to examine our relationship to the environment.
What Became of David Burkett?
Memories of an old friend are filled with questions and longing.
What You’ll Find in The Forest
an intimate and low-toned visualette surrounded by a mystic, unknown air frothing under the layers of a deep stir—begging for light.
When it’s Over
It seems like a break up story it’s not. This is a tour de force between lovers, a matter of life and death, a story that takes you where you’d […]
When the Wind
Ana (12´), wants to join her sister and grandfather to hunt, but they don’t allow her to go because her grandmother is sick and someone has to take care of […]
sharmin is a young girl who, trying to save her father’s life, wanders in the difficult dilemma of choosing between fear and conscience.
Woyane is an intimate and harrowing glimpse into this decade’s greatest humanitarian crisis and one of the deadliest conflicts of the 21st century, the hidden genocide of Tigray, Ethiopia.


Yellow Bus
In the sweltering Arabian Gulf heat Ananda’s dreams of a better life than the one she left behind in India are shattered after her child is forgotten on a school […]
You Can’t Be An Artist
This is a story of a 61-year old barber shop manager from New York, who decides to follow his lifelong dream of being a painter, and despite all the criticism […]
You Can’t See The Hill Behind The Hill
In a world saturated with information and distractions, “YOU CAN’T SEE THE HILL BEHIND THE HILL” invites viewers to ponder the meaning of free will.
You Follow Me
Sam and Bekah are life-long frenemies with the same disease: two invisible mediocre “dudes” who follow them around everywhere they go and make even the simplest tasks nearly impossible.


Zamangâh (Anatomy of a Poem)
It is the story of a poem in which the poet image metaphorizes the pain of separation with death.