2020 Fuori Moda
The words never said, that collect a common scream of outrage, hope and love, in a period in which every human being, artist and not, looked in the mirror taking […]
‘808’ follows Mars, a young woman with a strong sense of self, and a connection to the past. When she is hired to work at a content moderation office she […]


A COVID-19 LOVE STORY – Marcus & Mary
During the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown, Marcus is ready to end it all but before he does, he has two people to call. Trying to reach his brother, he misdials and […]
A Diary From The Frontline – Dr Battagin
A Diary From The Frontline is a documentary series that captures the lives of doctors and nurses at home and at work during the COVID-19 pandemic. This surprisingly uplifting series, […]
A Head and A Tail
Shuttered due to the pandemic 886, a NYC Chinese restaurant, began raising money and donating bentos to hospitals in order to pay their staff. However the looming question of who […]
A New Leash On Life
SYNOPSIS: After one too many rage-filled outbursts, a magical talking dog named Basketball must talk his owner, Frank, out of having him put down.
A Place To Bowl
A Place to Bowl is a portrait of a place that shouldn’t exist. Culturally, Astoria Bowl is an anachronism, a vestige of the sport’s mid-century heyday era. Financially, it’s a […]
A Plague on All Our Houses
In March, 2020, in mid-course towards a spring performance season, choreographer Tamar Rogoff’s new work is cancelled. The company is on lockdown, jobless, isolated, and scattered all over New York […]
A Real Job
13- year old Mia just wants to fit in and walk home with the cool girls at school, but with ICE Raids taking over her neighborhood, she is stuck walking […]
A real man
A father share with his son his vision of masculinity during a rugby training.
A Strange Season
A marriage that spans over half a century cracks when the husband gets plagued by paranoia.
In a cotton-farming village in Sudan, 15-year-old Nafisa has a crush on Babiker, but her parents have arranged her marriage to Nadir, a young Sudanese businessman living abroad. Nafisa’s grandmother […]
As Nazis separate children from their parents in the Warsaw Ghetto, a gang of women risks everything to smuggle their friend’s three-month-old baby to safety. Inspired by true events. Starring […]
Allan and Ellen are living a serious crisis in their life after many years together. Through their subconscious they will travel together to a desert, in which they will face […]
To me AMEND is a story about the power of rediscovering hope through trying to help others, and the way we are all woven together to help each other do […]
And finally searching in time
The topic of this text is you, me. Still and firm, we are all asked to give up on some unquestionable rights. Health protection is a fundamental right of the […]
Andrà tutto bene
During the first lockdown, Chiara feels safe at home and tries to spend her time as best she can. During a video call with her sister, strange things begin to […]
Set against Hong Kong’s explosive politics from the student-led Umbrella Movement to the unprecedented Anti-Extradition Movement: Five young students discover the harsh reality of socio-political impact on their life and […]
Auks one
A professional artist reveals how his roots in graffiti art still provide personal and aesthetic inspirations for his current work.
The story starts from the perspective of a mortal. What he sees are the fierceness and the gentleness of nature. When the affection of the goddess is intertwined with the […]


Babble Bubble
Norah’s head detaches from her body and is replaced 
with…different heads! Babble Bubble is a three and half-minute 2D animation which tells the story of a girl whose head detaches […]
Baladi (My Country)
Gamal is a new immigrant who washes dishes at a diner in suburban New Jersey. Fritzie is a retired teacher and a new widow grieving the sudden loss of her […]
A teenage girl undergoes a transformative growth as she witnesses her mother’s fight against breast cancer.
Before Boys
Passing themselves off as sensual women, young teenagers converse with a stranger on an online dating site. They have fun flirting with him and arousing him. When the stranger sets […]
behind your skin
Under the skin of two women in jail..crudeness, mental escape, dehumanizing, solidarity.Is there worse a prison than the inner prison ?
The film is based on a Chinese novel. Xia Tian transfer her job back to her hometown in order to take care of her dad who get Alzheimer’s for over […]
Bernard Checks In
Bernard checks himself into a motel for yet another one of his business trips. When he accidentally stumbles into the wrong motel room, he meets a couple with a mischievous […]
Berry’s Voyage
Recently born Berry must find a good spot for their seeds to grow well. They embark on a journey in an attempt to find this place and discover things they […]
Despite trying to leave behind a life of crime, Danny reluctantly teams with naïve rich kid Liam and wildcard drug dealer Kit Viper. A botched robbery leaves them in possession […]
Blood Group
Danny lives in a rusty caravan in the middle of nowhere. His only contact with the outside world is via the football videos he uploads to YouTube. When his brother […]
Bob of the Park
BOB OF THE PARK introduces the world to the arch villain of New York City bird watchers, Robert ‘Birding Bob’ DiCandido. Central Park bird walk leader, and a mainstay in […]
BOJ the movie
BOJ (The Book of Job) -The journey of a man named after the prominent biblical figure and the parallels he discovered through surviving a stroke. What originated as a one-man […]
Boneca Inflável (Inflatable Sex Doll)
Edu is a solitary man, with drinking problems and he can only have sex with his inflatable sex doll. The doll, even lifeless, has feelings for Edu and suffers when […]
Booth Reading
Joe encounters a girl who seems too good to be true.
Breathing Easy
Two women find an unlikely connection during a yoga class run over Zoom.
Sometimes a friendship can crack under the most banal strain. Two burly men deal with such a loss in their own way – with lots of strangely tender violence. Guided […]
This is an urban tale of love and sacrifice set in a mysterious restaurant hidden in an alleyway. On an ordinary night, a man eats a lot of herbal plants […]
Bury Me in Armor
Dimitry George (Ed Asner) was an illustrious senator, ruthless war hero, distant father, and very troubled man who recently succumbed to Parkinson’s. Now, all that’s left behind is his prized […]
By the Time You Read This
By the Time You Read This is a dark comedy about a perfectionist trying to write a suicide note.


In a post-apocalyptic world, two lovers battle the loss of each other, chasing after ghosts and memories of what used to be. The video is shot in an abandoned cement […]
A young woman is harassed for wearing a shirt reading “Sorry About Our President”.
Cake Day
Cameron emotionally deteriorates as he contemplates the consequences of honesty on a a day of celebration.
Care Package
In the midst of a global pandemic, a drag queen sends his ailing sister a unique care package.
A young, visually impaired woman — accompanied only by her guide dog — sits in a café, reading a novel as she waits for the next bus. Suddenly, a pay […]
Carr’s Voice
My dad died when I was three months old. All I have of him is a few photos, old business cards, and some Wiccan crystals. I knew that my mom […]
Christopher Nolan is god
“Javi, what’s that in my bathroom?”. Marta and Javier are a young couple, newlyweds a year and a half ago and with a few months old kid sleeping in another […]
Chronic Sandrine receives a mysterious text message, a mysterious post card in her mailbox and finds the door of her apartment opened when she arrives…. Country France Length 5 minutes […]
Chronicle of the Stolen Land
The people living in the slums of Caracas, Venezuela can gain ownership of the land that their houses are built on in exchange for a written account of their life […]
Circle in the Woods
Goose, a young runaway, finds magic that leads him to a curious circle of mushrooms and an enticing offer.
Close Your Eyes and See Purple Stars
A letter from father to son in quarantine.
Colorful Fears
“Colorful Fears” is about the filmmaker’s fears of his own creative tools, fake affection, betrayal, abstract imagination, and the cycle of the fears. Animated with watercolor on paper, the creative […]
Common Dwelling
Intercutting between three neighbours on the same night.
Covid-19- A Portrait of NYC
COVID -19 A Portrait of NYC is a short film documentary that explores the City That Never Sleeps through the lenses of seasoned photographer and Daily News editor, Luiz C. […]
An experimental quarantine short film made with just a cell phone and drone, no budget, cast, or crew other than myself.
Living Proof Pictures is pleased to present the newest short film by writer/director Brandon C. Lay. Cueball staring Sarah Cugini and Jeremy Thompson. Sara (Sarah Cugini) is a TikTok and […]


Dear Mom
While in quarantine with her terminally ill mother and sister in the summer of 2020, a filmmaker shares her thoughts and feelings on the past year.
Deep-Fried Fingers
Deep-Fried Fingers reverses the meat-eating relationship between humans and animals.
Two broken people have a chance encounter one night in New York City.
Yuda, handsome and self-confident, wants to bring back Yael, the love of his life. In the gray and depressing space of the library where she had set up the meeting, […]
Dog Days
A playful yet naughty dog tries to get his human’s attention any way he possibly can. “Dog Days” is an animated short written and directed by Stephanie Chan.
Donut Shop
It’s Saturday night, but to Tom Phillips, a manager at a hip fast food donut shop, it’s just another day on the job serving customers, cleaning unknown substances from the […]
MahnoDahno investigates the nature of personal history, psychology and self. By peeling away successive layers of thoughts and feelings and what we consider to be reality, he discovers the deeper […]
Dual Action
A dying gangster is confronted by two mysterious figures, bringing to question his life’s choices and the loss of the only “good” thing he ever had. “An entertaining ride that […]


Edoné – Eva’s Syndrome
Made by young people for young people, La Sindrome di Eva is a tale of adventure and erotica that tries to create a new point of view and helps the […]
Emily, ilaw ng tahanan
“I live inside a box, but one day I will live outside the box.” Most people keep their trauma locked up inside but for Emily, opening her “box of trauma” […]


Facing the Distance
Facing the Distance follows the world’s best blind golf players during the 2019 Vision Cup in Portmarnock, Ireland, and the unique partnerships between players and their guides, on and off […]
“False promises is a video which amalgamates visuals and poetry to convey the base expressions of humans , its five parallel stories with a varied depiction of conflict and resolution […]
Family Affairs
After finalising her divorce in China, Weixin travels back home to Singapore for Chinese New Year. Bringing home a traditional dish of new year rice cake, it transpires a slice […]
Fashion Bodies- About Limits, Opinions and War Paint
Fashion Bodies – About Limits, Opinions and Warpaint is an audiovisual manifesto that brings to the forefront stories from three real people about their relation and experiment with fashion on […]
Christmas time is the setting for this short documentary by Director Karin Pritzel about the heartbreaking struggle of an Irish unmarried father as he tries to come to terms with […]
Fear the Law
In this modern tragicomedy based on “Moses: A Play, A Protest and A Proposal” by Lawrence Langner, Mayor Moe Abraham seeks to get rid of governments all across the world. […]
First Lesson
The human race has lost individual integrity. As forced accountability they wear their actions, their crimes, as marks on their skin, to act as reminders and as warnings to others. […]
Katie Gately journeys through a landscape of grief in ‘Flow’ Filmmaker Jola Kudela combines dramatic footage with digital effects in the stunning video. On her latest album, Loom, Katie Gately […]
Two worlds collide when unexpected guests arrive at Mia’s house party and she watches the night spiral out of control, caught in the crossfire of ignorance under the influence.
Follow Leader
A vivid exploration of the relationship between toxic male masculinity and the social as well as psychological influences it has had on me growing up through the generations. SCOTT JOHNSON […]
for Stephanie
Stephanie is a girl, who works in a florist, with her strict mother and has a crush on Adam who works in the funeral home across the bridge.
Frank Little
Frank Little is a passionate photographer who takes photos of New York City. He is known especially for cityscapes and for moonrise and moonset photos over NYC. He many achievements. […]
The world in 2025. Strict restrictions and quarantine measures still apply. The global economy plunged into a deep crisis from which it has not yet recovered. The silent fear of […]
From Heaven is Cali
In the Southwest of Colombia, there is a city where salsa dancing exists in a form that is unique in its boldness and energy, yet pure in its tradition and […]
Fugitive Zero
An escaped convict discovers he’s taking part in a live simulation where every moral decision determines his eligibility for parole. Frankie and Derek are two men trapped in a warehouse […]


Glass Piano
Glass Piano is a short film about a flawed therapist and a girl who swallowed a glass piano.
A foosball table goalkeeper sees all the action happen on the other side of the field. In frustration he breaks away and tries to show his team and the other […]
Goodbye Golovin
For Ian Golovin, the death of his father is the chance at a new life outside his native country. As he prepares to leave and bid farewell to his sister, […]
“stay at home” is the universal slogan proposed during the coronavirus pandemic. But what was the lockdown like for people without a home? Yohana Ambros is a special film director: […]
Grandpa’s Long March
Grandpa’s Long March is a heartwarming road trip story about a Chinese veteran suffering from Alzheimer’s, his journey to reunite with his grandson who goes to college in Los Angeles, […]
Two women seperated by history, desperatly trying to help their own agenda.
Growing Pains
Growing Pains is a film based on a true story from the director’s past. Fourteen-year-old Yao is sick of his worn-out shoes, which his father never replace for being too […]


After the tragic loss of his father, 7-year-old Simon turns to his home Artificial Intelligence communicator, to seek answers while his mother Mary-Anne and twin sister Simone try to readjust […]
Half a Mile Out on the Night
Ambling her way forward in a dreamy purgatory —constantly haunted by the memory of an elusive, enigmatic, and unrequited love from her childhood—Dakota encounters an agglomeration of eccentric characters, who […]
Haile Meharena, a hard working Eritrean farmer, won’t let life’s difficulties affect his children’s happiness. When he finds himself in a challenging circumstance, he must decide if his struggles will […]
Film HAVEL is drama inspired by the life and personal development of Vaclav Havel, prominent Czech playwright/ dissident/president. The film focuses on Havel’s transformation from successfull – then banned – […]
Legend has it that a magic spot in the mountains has healing powers. That’s where Ben treats fatally ill people and that’s where Sarah seeks revenge for her dead sister. […]
Under the impact of the passing on anti-abortion “Heartbeat Bill”, the struggling conflict between a pregnant 18-year-old and her devoted Christian mom begins to rise and their distinct believes gradually […]
Her Mother’s Daughter
“Her Mother’s Daughter” is an emotional portrait of a volatile and challenging mother-daughter relationship, explored through dance and motion. Mother and daughter live together, yet lead separate lives, each in […]


I am |A|
I am |A|.txt Earlier this week Sun 10:08 PM D Dennis Cieri uploaded an item Text I am |A|.txt I am|A| is an audiovisual project that shows all human weakness […]
I’m Still in Auschwitz
I’m Still in Auschwitz.txt Earlier this week Sun 10:08 PM D Dennis Cieri uploaded an item Text I’m Still in Auschwitz.txt With archival film footage and photographs, this biography of […]
Imagine you are falling
“Disorientation is partly due to the loss of a stable horizon. And with the loss of horizon also comes the departure of a stable paradigm of orientation, which has situated […]
They said it was a virus, it was much more… Helena’s life is about to change from the comfy society she once knew to a post alien invasion. These are […]
In Colors
In Colors A withdrawn woman spontaneously participates in a clinical study for people who feel “there but not there” and connects with a monitor through shared memories. “In Colors” reveals […]
In Transit
‘In Transit’ allows us to look at Europe from the experiences of a number of people from several countries and the film is guided by the personal stories they tell. […]
Inside and Outside the Wall
During the 14-day mandatory quarantine in a hotel room after I went back to China, I “raised” some virtual animals in my phone. Somehow we look very alike.
Six young leaders from different parts of the world find themselves in the same predicament — suddenly locked at home in the middle of a major Pandemic and global unrest, […]
Isolation Art – Recreating Masterpieces
Inspired by the dutch instagram account „Tussenkunstenquarantaine“ Katharina Dietl started her art project on March, 20th, when she began her self-isolation. 
She recreated a piece of art – mostly paintings […]


Josephine H (1970)
A 100 years ago, during WW1, a woman lost a bracelet in Rimaucourt, a french village of Haute-Marne. She was an American. Her name was written on the small piece […]
One night, Julka closes a door to follow a path leading to her morose self. At the age of 75 she seems to have come to the end of her […]


La Vida de Un Latero
In New York, each redeemable bottle is worth 5 cents. Meet Josefa and Pedro, a canning couple with a decades long love story who earn their living one nickel at […]
Last Call
The hospitality industry is the artistic heartbeat of New York. Nowhere is that more prevalent than in Queens. Thousands of artists, musicians and actors flock to the city’s most diverse […]
Laundry Daze
Two college drop outs, Moe and Lee spend their days getting high, and doing Laundry on the weekends. But after Moe smokes a laced joint, he cant figure out what’s […]
“Legacy” is based on Ambrose Bierce’s renowned “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” novel – which takes place during the American Civil War – into a historical setting in Hungary. […]
Legacy (second film)
After more than 15 years, a grumpy and isolated 70 year-old man gets a final opportunity to do things right with his family and his past when he receives an […]
Les Coffrets
Premium is one of a sequence of stylistically coherent filmpoems (all less than 90 seconds) with the overarching title: ‘Les Coffrets’, meaning ‘little boxes’, derived from the shape of the […]
Life is a two-way dream
The film “Eallin lea guovtte suorat niehku — Life is a two-way dream” shows the way in a world undergoing rapid change, with polarisation and globalisation going in many directions. […]
Life Was Wonderful
“Life Was Wonderful” is a Psycho/Thriller following the story of Jason Miles, a young award winning journalist who relocates to Los Angeles and unfortunately finds his life turned upside down […]
Line of Life
A film about the painter and professor Miloš Bajić. But it`s also a film about life in the 20th century, which brought to the Balkan region a period of great […]
Little bean
Winner of the SUNDANCE Co//ab May 2020 film challenge, In memory of our little bean, this is a story about a mother’s loss during a time of loss — made […]
Little Hilly
Hilly is a 10-year-old silent Taiwanese girl, nobody was concerned about her depression and the pressure she suffered from everyday life. Hilly hates that she always oppresses herself, and also […]
Little Nations
Little Nations follows a momentous piece of mail as it travels through the hands and into the worlds of young people from a rich array of cultures that constitute Chicago’s […]
Living with Yourself
Ever been stuck inside for months on end with no one else around to keep you company while a plague continually screws up the outside world? If so, here are […]


Spain, 1949. Ten years after Civil War, while the partisans continue in the mountains fighting against the fascists, women suffer repression on the plain. In every house there is a […]
Margot doesn’t like sleepovers. Trying to fall asleep has always caused her anxiety, so any night away from home can be terrifying . And now it’s a party with 5 […]
Me to Play
Two professional actors with Parkinson’s disease put up an Off-Broadway production of Samuel Beckett’s “Endgame,” a play he wrote as a metaphor for living with the disease after his mother […]
Memories of a Sounded Past
A deaf African-American woman reminisces about her childhood in Allensworth, the first town built and owned by African-Americans.
Mermaid Season
Julián is a child who fantasizes about seeing a mermaid and treasures a collection of clues that he finds after each work day with his dad.
Mighty Ira
Ira Glasser is one of America’s unsung champions of civil rights and liberties. As the leader of the American Civil Liberties Union for 23 years, he transformed the organization from […]
Perla a 14 year old girl growing up in a traditional, religious Mexican household, set in the 80’s. Discovers one day during Sex-Ed that she is intersexed.
Mime Your Manners
An arrogant man named Julian is transformed into a mime. Given a taste of his own medicine, he must grow to be a better person to be freed.
Morin Khuur
A Mongolian nomadic community contends with climate change as modernity and tradition clash. The lure of city life and illness of a beloved horse leads childhood friends onto divergent paths.
Moustafa & Maram
“Moustafa & Maram” is an intimate portrait of an Egyptian-American father and daughter in New York City. Through their eyes, this documentary short explores what it means to be Muslim […]
Moving Isolation
Moving Isolation is a collection of short films, each 4 to 6 minutes long. The audience meet freelancing artists, dancers and choreographers stuck in isolation but refusing to sit still. […]
MULTI DATE John has a date with Lisa…
Mutiny! is a swashbuckling, action-adventure comedy featuring a progressive Captain dealing with a crew that’s set in their old ways— all while confronting gender inequality and the lack of self-awareness […]
My One True Love
An accidental video call from Margaret to Juliet brings an unexpected moment of precious happiness.
My quarantine is the exile
A story about a quarantined exile, a reflection on time and distance


A prehistoric family ́s desperate search for a mythical source of life turns into tragedy when the egos and obsessions of their male members rise to the surface.
No Where Man
NoWhereMan is a five-minute 3D animated short film, about the world’s first time traveler. The story follows a marshal who announces their first time travel experiment to the public. However, […]
Not Enough
Women are under constant pressure to adapt their bodies to the canons of beauty. This alienation damages self-confidence because it denies any form of imperfection. » In this short film, […]
Not/Inspirational is a documentary film following Denny Kowska, the founder of a para-climbing non-profit in New York City. Directors Mia Hariz and Trevin Smith follow Denny as her team, The […]


On the Other Side
synopsis : A man discovers a caravan. Then begins his worst nightmare.
One Day In June
After a devastating coronavirus outbreak in the spring, New Yorkers quarantine as hundreds of thousands lose their jobs. With the memory of Amadou Diallo and Eric Garner’s deaths not long […]
One Day In The Forest
“One Day in the Forest” is a short animation that combines 2D and 3D techniques. The film is about a small girl who loves playing in the woods and goes […]
One Shot
Richard is excited to tell his house guest about his life, his musical aptitude and how a TV talent show is going to change his circumstance.
Ordinary Couple
A love story between a disabled man who overcame people’s gaze due to his girlfriend and a normal woman who could not overcome people’s gaze
Out Of Stock
In 1973, the host of The Tonight Show, Johnny Carson, made a joke that toilet paper was going out of stock. By the next day, stores across the country were […]


Modern-day filmmakers Cameron and Bernadette come to the West with hopes to restore the Western genre. First, they need the perfect cowboy. Enter Wayne, who’s exactly what they wanted and […]
Plaza Build
A music-driven figure skating routine that realizes the construction of the Empire State Plaza of the Capital of New York
Please Don’t Spill The Milk
A woman’s bizarre sexual fantasy leads to her boyfriend’s heartbreaking confession, followed by distorted modern-day empathy: an instant solution for his deepest wound.
Plum Logic
After an unfortanate biking accident Guy’s ex-Olympian grandfather is reincarnated as a plum. In his plum form, Guy’s grandfather sends him and his two friends on a quest to retrieve […]
Pomodoro Feels
A journey with Lola, dreamy and melancholic, illustrating her loss of physical feel. We go with her on a visual journey of expression of her world while revealing her secret […]
Jasper and Hannah are two “hometown heroes” who never fully grew up. Reuniting with Nick, their childhood best friend and recent college graduate, the trio takes a road trip to […]
a semi-animated time-displaced rendition of the “Queer Liberation March for Black Lives and Against Police Brutality” which took place in NYC in June 2020 on the day that the cancelled, […]
Pulling Wool
Luke (Conler Mandt) and Stacey (Gabi Van Horn) have been friends for what feels like forever. A co-dependent friendship is describing it lightly. The two rely on each other for […]


Set on Halloween 2020, this short film follows the only trick-or-treater in NY on an odyssey through a city under lockdown.


Rao’s-A love story
My story about the legendary New York eatery, Rao’s over the last 35 years.
A first date gets steamy as desire, consent and power dynamics are discussed in the most unlikely of places.
Redemption Day
After being awarded the Medal of Honor for his bravery during a firefight against ISIS, U.S. Marine Captain Brad Paxton (Gary Dourdan) is suffering from the long- term effects of […]
Resurrection of the last black man in 08:46
“Resurrection of The Last Black Man in 08:46”, a lyrical poem filmed during Covid- 19 and George Floyd incident tells the harrowing and hidden tragedy of David Gregory in small […]
A 9-years-old pianist, who suffers from a hearing impairment, learns a different way of listening to the world.
Rooftop Intermission
Seeking a momentary respite from the strains of life in 2020, two strangers from the same building end up on a roof together and make a socially distant connection. (Shot […]


“Some STRANGERS are not just STRANGERS”. The film portrays a series of events unleashed in the lives of two individuals when one of them invited the other to a birthday […]
Section F
Two women on different sides. Working together to defeat the enemy. But can you still trust each other when it’s about your own family?
Security Health Work
A young woman is confined alone in the countryside without her husband, who tries to join her. […] ECU Category European Dramatic Short Country France Language French Subtitles English Run Time […]
Service man
A young police officer is called to stop the party of an old friend in rural Norway, only to find drugs in the kids bedroom.
One day, 11-year-old Vince pulls a knife and threatens his classmates and teacher. Slowly the cause becomes clear: father abuses his wife severely. Social care and the police are rigorously […]
She Who Wears The Rain
After a difficult visit at her dying father, Agnes decides to escape to a pension in the forest. Immersed in a world that wavers between reality and dream, Agnes will […]
Shizico on Art,a Documentary
First of the series of shorts that Shizico Yi travels to meet artists and curators to talk about their life in Arts. Shizico Yi remains behind the camera, taking you […]
A modern day romance about an ageing sex line worker who escapes a loveless marriage after she falls head over heels for a rotting corpse. Note: Short credits will be […]
Smiley Death Face
A young girl stumbles into a text message conversation with an anonymous person that communicates entirely in Emojis.
Amidst a grief-ridden anxiety attack, a man is gifted with a mental awakening during the funeral of his best friend.
State of Agitation
Living in Beirut, a highly enthusiastic filmmaker is in a state of hyper inspiration characterized by an overflow of contrasting ideas. As a consequence, his characters will go through compelling […]
Strawberry Cake
Three friends each dealing with their own grief come together for a weekly zoom call. The call takes a turn when one decides its time to speak up and ask […]
Suddenly Vulnerable-an isolation story
After the initial joy of having time on my hands during our lockdown, I found myself waking up with a sense of dread wondering how to meaningfully connect with loved […]
In the dystopian future of 2040, a controversial performance artist shoots himself dead in front of a live audience. While the extreme act shocks the society, his friend is kidnapped […]


Tailor Shop
A tailor relives the memories of an old love as he prepares to retire and sell the shop that he has once called home.
Te jodes y bailas
David is a guy with work, friends, and some success with women. Life doesn’t treat him badly, but he feels completely empty. Then Elena arrives to his life,idealizing her instantly. […]
A young man is harassed by an undercover cop on his way to buy tea.
Teenage Jesus
Two friends struggle to premiere their long awaited and Off-Off Broadway musical “Teenage Jesus.
The Announcement
A family full of secrets reveal everything.
The Beatles and Us
A quirky and affectionate portrait of Liverpool and how the relationship with her most famous sons has reflected and shaped the city’s changing fortunes. Many have said that the 5th […]
The Biggest Obstacle
The Biggest Obstacle follows the investigations of researcher and disability rights activist Jessica Murray as she examines accessibility in the New York City Transit System over a two year period […]
The Box Assassin
A pizza delivery boy finds himself in the middle of a clash between a gangster boss and a legendary assassin who the boy has unknowingly delivered instead of pizza.
The Cal, The Coz,and The Streak
Kevin Costner, Cal Ripken Jr, and a rumor that could have ruined one of professional baseballs most storied streaks. Listen to Eddie, a professional beer- man at the stadium, tell […]
The Clown Without A Mask
The world’s most celebrated living clown – philosopher Slava Polunin with his Slava’s Snow Show and Academy of Fools reveals the Truth of Happiness. They are traveling around the world […]
The Dine-and-Dash Dater
A True-ish Story on the Perils of Online Relationships
The Door
6 siblings go for a hike and come across a door standing in the middle of the trail. (Due to COVID, film was made by having actors in 5 different […]
The Gaze
As a blind beggar enters the late subway train, eight indifferent people all turn away. But after he passes, a child points out a 50 dollar bill on the floor […]
The Gentle Art of Violence
In the intimacy of a confessional, a priest is unusually coerced into confessing to a mysterious woman, their true nature will be revealed as the situation spirals out of control.
The great indoors
The world began to shut down and we got locked down because of coronavirus. Eli, who is usually touring around as a dancer, stayed at home together with me. Like […]
The Great Istanbul Depression
Didem and Ayşe aren’t able to find a job even though it has been a while since they’ve graduated from the university. In this time period in which these two […]
The Heartland
Highlighting both the joys and trials of growing up Black in the Midwest, three Black Milwaukee residents confront & reconcile the unrequited love between them and their city. Separated into […]
The Henchman of Notre Dame
“The “Henchman of Notre Dame” stars Kevin Mambo (title role in Broadway’s “Fela!”) as the first African to play Quasimodo on film. His ACME job agent played by LeRoy McClain […]
The last known interstellar phone tag in the milky ay galaxy
A dark comedy animated short. Sci-fi, aliens, reality, politics, coronavirus, and self- destruction. See how we played the last interstellar phone tag in the galaxy.
The Last Man
On the night between the dress rehearsal and the grand competition, young actress Tamar finally decides to demand recognition from the two dominant men in her life.
The Mountain & The Maiden
This is the story of a day in the life of Aspiya. A 10-year-old girl living with her younger brother, older sister and parents in a one-room-shack in New Delhi […]
The New Abolitionists
Filmmaker Christina Zorich follows four NGOs throughout Southeast Asia as they fight to affect change and end human sex trafficking.
The Product Launch
A product launches and fails due to a series of emails.
The Reunion
Ricky Reilly, a former actor, is on a spiritual journey in Union Square Park, Manhattan with his Buddhist mentor, Danny. The high of his newfound spirituality is shattered when Ricky […]
The shadow of your smile
The love that since his childhood, Lagrimón feels for Soledad, has turned him into a murderer clown. After living in the shadows for 20 years, he will have the chance […]
The Skin I’m in
The Skin I’m In is a mixed media art project that uses film, photography and interview to explore the complex relationship between identity and physical appearance. The project aims to […]
The Suit
The Suit is a social critique, a conceptual and symbolic road trip, an invitation to travel, and an universal story. This faceless, bodiless, nameless costume could be any of us. […]
The Time in Between the Seconds
Wendy’s recovery from a tragic event leads her to make a selfless decision.
The Tricky Part
A boy’s story of sexual trespass. A man’s journey to forgiveness.
The Two Bees
Bette and Bonnie are not your average roommates. Both 95-years-old, the two ladies have been sharing a top floor, Brooklyn Heights apartment for 15 years now. But this isn’t the […]
The Village of Nobody
In a timeless and nameless village that advocates moderation, everyone knows an orphan dumbass named ‘Hong’. He messes around the villagers for no reason and gets beaten up everyday. Until […]
The Whole Truth
Mallory is a smart, well intentioned but lonely young police officer who must interview Jenny, a difficult schoolgirl, about her sexual assault at the hands of her teacher. As she […]
These Hands
A day laborer tries to provide for his adopted family in the US and his family back home in Guatemala.
Thus began Antoine’s down-going
Antoine – a solitary cynic – spends his days in a café on Place Clichy watching people. Every day, he sees a woman he calls Albertine get out of the […]
To Decadence with love, Thanks for everything!
This documentary film follows the lives of drag queens Laveau Contraire and Franky Canga as they prepare for a weekend of New Orleans’ queer celebration of identity, Southern Decadence. While […]
Total Quarantine
Short film made in argentina in the quarantine
What gets left behind after an affair
True Love Never Dies
What can happen when you meet your high school sweetheart for the first time in 70 years? Will love blossom again?
Odd is a 93 years old man who lost his […]
Trust Frank
“Trust Frank” is a sentimental and gently humorous film about two lonely elderly people struggling to battle serious infirmities as they age. Synopsis Neighbours for many years, Frank and Rose […]
Two Trentons: An American City Speaks
“Two Trentons: An American City Speaks” tells the story of a city and the forces that will pull it up or drag it down. It documents the progress of a […]


A crusty old black guy, a lonely young white kid, and a reluctant friendship built on cremating dead bodies no one wants.
One day, Lucia discovered that she was a woman before a nun. Her humanity was stronger than her vows. She finally decided to open up her heart and confess her […]
Untitled Earth Sim 64
A woman is faced with existential crisis after learning that the universe is an untitled simulation.
After a chance encounter at a liquor store, three addicts begin their respective journeys towards getting clean. Peter, the young junkie, seeks help from a seasoned veteran addict in recovery. […]


Venus Rising
Venus Rising is a single channel video and sound work exploring the dismantling of patriarchal systems and a call back to Earth centered feminine wisdom. A chant to the moon […]
Voice Box
A woman with a severe stutter discovers an old radio that begins to speak directly to her, but in the fluent version of her own voice.
This Independent short film is made during quarantine days based on the current status of the Earth and human behavior toward the nature reflecting the existing predictions and the director’s […]


Wake show
Leonardo Oviedo is an ambitious theatre director, whose plays haven’t accomplished the success he dreamt of. Seeking for some recognition, he decides to write a play for four characters; a […]
We Hear Running
How two family members cope in isolation when the world has gone awry. Dani, a reclusive workaholic, self isolates in her apartment after a recent pandemic left her working from […]
What I Can’t Hold
“What I Can’t Hold” is an experimental film about loss and grief, structured as a series of short episodes. Using the language of visual metaphor each of the episodes delicately […]
What It Means
A fictional character, MahnoDahno, investigates the true nature of human experience and makes a surprising discovery
What Remains
With its undertone of magical realism, ‘What Remains’ is about the basic vulnerabilities of being a human living in a world full of uncertainty. As we all move through life, […]
When It Falls
Élie, an ambitious young teenager, finds himself torn between Enzo, a singular sixty-something whom he works for, and his own mother who suspects the man to be linked to organized […]
When She Flies
In When She Flies, Desmond and Jessica, two young suburban college students meet and feel instant chemistry with each other. When Jessica is presented with the opportunity of a lifetime […]
When The Music Changes
Devy is an Indian American filmmaker who goes to India to shoot a documentary and also meet her long distance boyfriend. Trying to keep her sanity while dealing with elements […]
Whistle in the Outer Lands
A 3 min experimental art film about the experience of living on a naturally diverse part of Staten Island. It dips into a scientific exploration of acoustic ecology by using […]
Winter in Manseokdong
In 1970s, South Korea’s economy was recovering rapidly after the Korean War that tore the country apart. This economic growth, also known as “The Korean Miracle,” became a model for […]
With Dad
WITH DAD is a short nonfiction film that chronicles the work of American photographer Stephen DiRado, specifically during the painful 20-year period of his father’s decline and eventual death from […]
Witness Underground
Witness Underground reveals artists born into the high-control Jehovah’s Witness culture who attempt to strike a balance between seeking truth and artistic self expression. They push the boundaries until they […]
World Without End
A lovelorn girl XIAOJING(21) who spends her night and drink alone in a bar by herself is involved in a fraud by a PIMP(male, 25) with a malicious intention.
Wrong Number Ransom
A kidnapper dials the wrong number while making a ransom call only to discover that a life of crime isn’t for everyone.


Your Musical is Cancelled- The Musical!
“Your Musical is Cancelled: The Musical!” is an indie musical-comedy following a struggling theatre company set against the backdrop of Covid19, the trappings of quarantine, and the BLM social movement.
Yunnan – The Unveil
The piece is a symphony of visuals, ambient sounds, and music. It unveils the daily lives of Yunnan, China in parks and outdoor markets, the natural beauty of the province, […]