“2021 – the very rich, and the very poor – hypercapitalism, ruined buildings and gleaming spires – consumer culture run rampant – planes standing idle – military bases and suitcases […]
34 Carmine St.
34 Carmine St. is a short documentary about preserving the culture and community of small businesses, in a time where Capitalism is sweeping its essence away. Our story is esoteric, […]


A Crack In The Mountain
A Crack In The Mountain
Deep in the jungle of Central Vietnam, lies a magnificent underground kingdom. Hang Son Doong which translates as “mountain river cave”, is the largest cave passage in the world and […]
A Love Beyond
Mirroring the tragic and supportive duality of the pandemic, our film tells the resilient story of Lenin, a New Yorker with Down Syndrome who lost his last remaining family member […]
A Waste Of Time
Harrison Stengle is an avant-garde producer, director, and writer. His works involve non-traditional plot innovation. These experimental, unorthodox works push the boundaries of the cultural status quo because they promote […]
In the war zones of Mosul and Raqqa, then in Paris during the Yellow Vests uprising, the director confronts Sota, an A.I. robot, with the tragedy of mankind. As the […]
An experimental expression of how artists interact with the architecture around them. Made for the Boola Bardip WA Museum. David Vincent SmithDirector Tania ChambersProducer Clint LoganProducer James Vu Ahn PhamKey […]
Ali and his miracle sheep
Guided by his grandmother’s haunting Sumerian lament, 9-year-old mute Ali takes his sheep, Kirmenta, for sacrifice on a strenuous 400km journey across Iraq’s landscape, destroyed by years of war, to […]
All That Glitters
A desperate teenager snatches a rich woman’s handbag but in a bizarre twist of fate discovers her life is not as rosy as it seems and that they have more […]
American Breakfast
A portrait of 87-year-old John Pustilnick, whose colorful past converges with his present reality in a quaint mobile home in Arizona. Margaret Seid Director Above Snakes, The Little Voice Margaret […]
A personal account of the lock down. Amelie RaoulDirector Tessa V. WedbergConcept and Consulting Ben BrodinMixing and Soundtrack LENGTH: 00:04:00


Ballad of a girl in pain
After a traumatic breakup, an adrift young woman attempts to externalise her emotional turmoil through self-destructive behaviour. Amanda Jane Robinson Director Any Way You Want It – Laiika; Silt Amanda […]
Barking Orders
When the entire British Royal family tragically dies, the Queen’s corgi finds himself next in line for the throne. Alexander Tullo Director Alexander Tullo Writer Ringling College of Art and […]
Some cows don’t need to jump to make it over the moon. Brendon KingsburyDirector Sean WebleyDirector Brendon KingsburyWriter Sean WebleyWriter Brendon KingsburyProducer Sean WebleyProducer LENGTH:00:13:00
Behind Closed Doors (A Puerta Cerrada)
Francisco (21) is an upper-class young man who lives with his mother, Lucía (50), and his brother, Tomás (28), whom he has always admired. A few days before Tomás’ birthday […]
A young man enters a meditation retreat to get away from everything, only to realize there’s no escape as he descends deeper into his mind. Ian Bennett (Director) Ian Bennett […]
Better Half
After 40-years of codependent marriage, a husband makes a life changing decision to ensure that he will never have to endure another waking moment with his wife. Pete JohnsonDirector Adam […]
Vera decides to leave home after finding out that her husband Eugenio, an ethics professor, becomes involved in a love affair with a student. After sixteen years, she goes in […]
Beyond the Drama !BEST!
An Anteater doctor seeks a romantic relationship like the one from K drama. Siti Lu. Director Length: 00:6:36:
Birthday Boy
A man tries to save his relationship in the middle of a global fertility pandemic by stealing the first ever DIY, in-vitro fertilization kit that claims to grow a child […]
Black is Black
Black is Black is a short film sparking a much-needed conversation about colorism, a large issue within the black community, as well as many other communities. Colorism is the prejudice […]
Blue Lanterns
Kit and Fai, two innocent local Hong Kong kids, are approached by Chou, a mid-level gangster, in an arcade. Their curiosity toward Chou grows when he offers them cigarettes and […]
David, a middle aged painter and former Navy officer living in a secluded but beautiful shoreline house in the Florida Keys, breaks his willful isolation to do a portrait of […]
Boys (Friends Forever)
“The two friends Anton and Theodor are preparing for a night out. They are young and carefree – facing zero challenges aside of being out of booze. The mood drastically […]
In a dilapidated cellphone shop on the outskirts of the city, two shady photographers are “appreciating” the intimate scenes of a couple in the hotel through a hidden camera. At […]
A tight-laced business man meets an unlikely stranger who reminds him how to love in an unusual way. Finnegan Haid Director Jake Haddock Writer Finnegan Haid Producer Jake Haddock Producer […]
By Faith, Denis
Denis is a Knight of Faith (at least in his mind). One night during a Bible study, the topic of sexual morality is broached, resulting in an uncomfortable confrontation. Jeremy […]


A young female recruit complains to the major that she doesn’t like the cadence they chant while marching. Surprisingly, her objections are not to the racist and dehumanizing aspects of […]
Power. It is everywhere. It shapes our experience of the world and the way we learn to love within it. ‘Capitalista’ is a dance sequence that presents a brief yet […]
Isabel Gomez, a young activist / artist explores the meaning of love & connection through her work with an indigenous Mexican tribe. John Tsiavis Director John TsiavisProducer Isabel Gomez Key […]
Chasing Childhood
Overprotected and overdirected, American children are wilting under the weight of well-meaning parents. In the pursuit of keeping them safe and creating an impressive resumé of extracurricular activities to wow […]
Cinema and Sanctuary
“Cinema and Sanctuary” tells the astonishing and little-known story of the first documentary film school in America. The Institute of Film Techniques was founded in 1941 at The City College […]
Clear Water
Clear Water is about a man waking up from a bathtub and realizing he lost his memory. This film follows his journey to getting back his memory, and so the […]
Cloud Cuckoo Country
A closeted conservative woman confronts a long-denied truth about her beliefs as she encounters her teenage first love, a radical progressive journalist lesbian. Aim-ei Polpitak Director Aim-ei Polpitak Writer Tamonwan […]
Coastal Requiem
Coastal Requiem investigates the plight of displacement due to climate change amongst five coastal communities around the globe. Weaving Diane Tuft’s photography and haikus with deeply personal interviews, the short […]
Cold Dark Hollow
A single mother shaken from PTSD searches for relief from her terrorizing nightmares. Patricia Vonne Director Patricia Vonne Writer Aaron Lee Lopez Producer Angela Lanza Key Cast”Marina” Patricia Vonne Key […]
Concertina is an interlocking narrative film that jumps between parallel realities as two sets of brothers discuss their dreams of one another. The film explores themes of ecology, family, and […]
Conducting Life
In the rarified world of classical music, the road to success is a daunting one. Especially for young conductors. CONDUCTING LIFE follows the remarkable journey of Roderick Cox as he […]
One day a boy found many floating smartphones on the street while walking. He walks around and searches for answers. Wei-Lin Chen Director Shi Kuang Lee Sound Production Pico Wei […]
Conversations with Female Clowns
Five women, from a hospital clown to the co-director of the Big Apple Circus, reflect on their experiences of finding the funny in the face of marginalization. Conversations with Female […]
Cool For You
“Cool For You”, an animated film based on the book of the same title, explains global warming to children in a friendly way. Incorporating different characters and families, animals and […]
Crackbury, USA
“Crackbury, USA” explores the current day relationships between 2 undercover cops and the people they arrested 35 years ago. Through a literal (vhs) lens of over 300 archival undercover vhs […]
On Halloween night, a young woman is terrified into a monstrous transformation. Alice is nervous. She isn’t good at costumes and is running late to a Halloween party. Spooked, she […]
Customer Service
A dystopian retro-future where the United States drone program is privatized and sold as an arcade game to the general public LENGTH:00:10:00


Dad and the Fridge Box
Dad and the Fridge Box
Based on the poem by Agnes Walsh. The story of how the old ones found a use for everything. When Jeannie lost her father, he is waked at home, his […]
Dada Noise 2
An abstract short Christopher Rakas Director Christopher Rakas Writer Christopher Rakas Producer Length: 00:03:12
Daddy’s Girl
Sophie, a young Chinese nurse, hosts an online chatroom to make ends meet, where she encounters a very unexpected viewer. Kate He Director Kate He Writer Kate He Producer Evergreen […]
Dancing is an Old Friend
Two old friends re-connect virtually. One still dances professionally, the other only for pleasure. Like their friendship, their dancing manages to transcend time and distance. Marta Renzi Director Leah Barsky […]
Dead man can´t live
Costa del Sol, Tano (Antonio Dechent) He feels that the best time has passed, He survives by overcoming the crisis and trying to keep the city safe. Their mission is […]
Deadguy : Killing Music
This authorized documentary chronicles the chaotic and short-lived career of the band Deadguy and their seminal hardcore album “Fixation on a Coworker”. A notoriously nasty split within the band created […]
Seven stages of love as experienced by a woman eager to find her own definition of it. Elena Viklova Director Infodemic, Through Her Glasses Elena Viklova Writer Infodemic, Through Her […]
Tension simmers in a strange space called home. Diana Yue Gong Director Length: 00:01:34
Dino Bone
After seeing a suggestive fossil of two dinosaurs “getting it on”, an anxious father tells his curious son a series of little white lies to avoid having “The Talk”. Jordan […]
Dunk or Die
Dunk or Die looks back at the career of dunk prodigy Kadour Ziani, from his childhood on the playgrounds of Saint-Dizier, France, to the greatest of NBA stadiums. This documentary […]


El Triste
A Drama that takes place on the backstage of a marionette show. This short film follows “El Triste”, an old used ragdoll-like marionette, and his journey of self-acceptance and discovery […]
A young indentured Chinese prostitute must overcome her toxic dependency on the brothel madam on the eve of the 1885 anti-Chinese riot in Eureka, California. Miida Chu Director Miida Chu […]
A family under the influence of the voice of their dog continues to move out: from their flat in the city to a house in the forest, from this house […]


I directed a short film “FACE” themed the word “Change”.
Everything has been changing in 2020 all over the world. It’s tough. However we can find ourselves “How do we wanna […]
Fictional character MahniDahni challenges us to unflinchingly face our deepest fears. Are you willing to face them? Fella Cederbaum Director Fella Cederbaum Writer Fella Cederbaum Producer Fella Cederbaum Key Cast”MahnoDahno” […]
Finding Abraham
A group of young Arabs and Israelis join together for road trip across the desert. In the wake of recent Peace Agreements between their countries, they’re on a journey … […]
Finding Purpose
Award Winning 2D animated short film — A man is stuck in his routine and struggles to find meaningful connection in his life. James Kirby Creator Length: 00:04:20
Finger on the Button
A pentagon General receives a call from the president ordering a nuclear strike against SOUTH Korea. A Major questions the order. Does the president have dementia? Will a nation be […]
FISHEYES is an animated documentary that explores the shift in the identity and values of Hong Kong’s people by addressing the anti-extradition protests in Hong Kong in 2019. Phoebe Wong […]
For My Daughter
A newly married couple from a small town in Mexico decide to make the journey north to the U.S. for a better life. Emma is young and pregnant. She is […]
Front Stage & Back
Tragic comedic character study of a 58 year old, New York actor who has been in more than a hundred totally unheard of films. In a poignant, funny, and unflinchingly […]


A brilliant countertenor, prepares to compete in a life-changing audition. When his musical idol arrives from Europe to select the best singer of the company, he faces his twin brother […]
Gonna Be a Soldier
Six-year-old Joey wants to be a doctor when he grows up, but his parents tell him he has to be a soldier and kill people. Joey has some serious questions […]
A father living in war-torn Iraq protects his daughter from violent fanatics, using the innocent game of hide-and-seek. Brian Patto Director Christopher Gillingham Writer Darren McFarlane Producer Georgia Mappin Producer […]
The clumsy boy, Danny, is enjoying a bike ride. However, the peers nearby him make fun of him that he has no Guts to ride without training wheels. Then Guts […]


Hans + Liv
It felt like I was hit by a stroke of lightning when I met Liv in my young days, says Hans. And I am still in love with her. The […]
Here’s Your Flag
An Army officer arrives at Mrs. Cavanaugh’s door to inform her that a new algorithm predicts that her son Eddie will die in battle. Since Eddie just enlisted yesterday, she […]
Made using drawings from Hilary Porter’s archive and an interview made by phone, this film aims to bring the audience closer to Hilary’s experiences in order to better understand her, […]
Homesick’ is a charming and bittersweet reverie of a birthday in the year that is 2020. This exciting new work explores how this year has reshaped how we think about […]
Huazi and Cat
After returning to China for winter vacation, a visit to her grandpa with Huazi, an adopted stray cat, thrusts Renyan into all-is-lost panic which quiets down in the ambiguity of […]
Human Trash
A boy is thrown into a trash container from the future. In his frantic search for the exit, he runs into a mysterious man, who will make him doubt the […]


I am Gen Z
Surviving in a world broken by tech. The documentary explores how the digital revolution is impacting our society, our brains and mental health, how the forces driving it are working […]
I Have Light for You
Theo VINCENT Director ABOUBACAR YATTABARI Key Cast “LADJI” SERGIO EMULO Key Cast SOULAMA DILOMA Key Cast JULIA STEURER production designer EVE LE CARDONNEL Editing Adrien Piu Consulting Antonin Grillet Consulting […]
In the jam jar
In the Jam Jar is an invitation to the intimacy of 81-year-old Joan’s final days, whose musings silently echo with Dan’s, her 50-year-old son. This fiction short-movie is a dive […]
Filmmaker Daniella Gitlin’s father is an aging sculptor who needs a plan for what to do with his unsold art after he passes. Gitlin uses this problem to explore the […]
It’s Better to Save Trouble
At the beginning of Covid-19, a Chinese father and son try to find their common ground when facing discrimination. Jianhao An Director Jianhao An Writer Zhihong Fu Producer Yumeng Han […]
Witness an ancient shamanic ritual from the outer realms of time and space. Kipp Jarden Director & Producer Kipp Jarden Animation / Illustration / Layout / Sound Design Kipp T. […]


Jack’s Inferno
JACK (Barry Bostwick) and Neil (Fred Melamed). Jack seems to be just fine sheltering in place… until he discovers that his financial advisor may have lost his mind… and Jack’s […]
Jillian’s Peak
At the center of Jillian’s Peak, a story loosely based on the life of creator Charzette Torrence, Jillian is an African American woman who finds herself in the throes of […]
Oddly affected by the discovery of a dead racoon in their yard, an elderly couple decides to return to Joutel, a now-deserted town where they once spent the best years […]
When a young woman struggles with newborn motherhood, an ordinary day becomes extraordinary. Director: Jeremiah Kipp Writer: Susannah Nolan Producers: Jennifer Plotzke & Jeremiah Kipp Editor: Jessica Green Cast: Jennifer […]


Mayumi is invited by her lover Satoshi to go to his parents’ house on the weekend. Mayumi finally heads to his parents’ house with her marriage countdown and heart-pounding. What […]
Kiss me dead at night
At a diner in the middle of the night.
 A man and woman, Yuji and Yui, have committed an irreversible crime.
 Yuji is convinced that they wouldn’t be able to […]
A young woman tired of being coddled because of her hereditary heart condition enters an intense physical relationship with a young man obsessed with ice swimming. During a wintery night […]


Landscape Flicker
As I began making animated videos that express a changing of light always surrounding us by accumulating photos and manipulating time, I started to think about the “time” that settles […]
A man battles to provide for his family after sustaining a spinal cord injury. Mpolokeng Chabane Director Mpolokeng Chabane Writer Koketso Motlhabane Producer Danyaal Mohamed Munshi Producer Thami Buti Key […]
After taking over his family’s Chinatown restaurant, Steven and his pet fish must find a way to survive as a global pandemic sweeps New York City. Law Chen Director Law […]
Let Me Assist You
After an absolutely devastating breakup, a man’s AI virtual assistant tries to take over as his fitness and wellness coach. Noam Argov Director My Dear Kyrgyzstan, Neighbors, Running Across California, […]
Let’s talk, sister (Hablemos, hermana)
Sharing in depth the post-partum experience is leaping into the void. How many scars remain unclosed? The experience of two sisters reveals the intimacy of this bittersweet period, whose aftereffects […]
A reclusive sci-fi enthusiast develops an unexpected friendship with a customer service representative. Keith Allott Director Double Word Score, Dolls, Flawless Kevin Walls Writer Jenni Gould Producer Michael Muyunda Key […]
A reclusive sci-fi enthusiast develops an unexpected friendship with a customer service representative. Keith Allott Director Double Word Score, Dolls, Flawless Kevin Walls Writer Jenni Gould Producer Michael Muyunda Key […]
Looking For Jack
It’s hard to know where you’re going when you half know where you come from. At the age of 21 I decided to find my unknown father.
With the support of […]
Losing Track of Kimberly
A teenaged girl feels there is no place for her at home. She takes to the city streets to try and find where she belongs. Jenna Lea Provost Director Jenna […]
Lucrezia and Joseph Beuys
The story of a woman, Lucrezia De Domizio Durini, and her friendship and working relationship with Joseph Beuys, an artist who left an indelible mark on the second half of […]


Mother Earth embarks on a journey of Evolution and Human presence. Francisco Mazziotti Director Inmentis, Severiano, Senses Francisco Mazziotti Writer Inmentis, Severiano, Senses Luca Macome Producer Daiana Provenzano Key Cast […]
An actor who has played protagonist roles in few films is not getting any films and he plans to direct a movie and joined by his friend to produce the […]
Marcia Resnick: Bad Girl Phot
Marcia Resnick, born in Brooklyn, studied photography at NYU, Cooper Union, and CalArts. As a young woman photographer, she photographed many of the downtown personalities that populated the New York […]
Martha’s day
Martha Rogers wakes up at home to what seems to be a normal day. However, throughout the day she finds things out of place, her husband has disappeared and a […]
Masked NYC
Since recovering from COVID-19 in April of 2020, AJ Stetson has created portraits of more than one thousand New Yorkers wearing masks, to share their radiance, resilience, and empathy during […]
The conscience of a married therapist is put under pressure by the thrilling confession of a seductive female client. Will he keep his distance or does he fall for her […]
Some people choose to be an activist, for others, it’s an ongoing fight for survival. This is a ‘moving portrait’ of Mellow, a trans, non-binary activist in Los Angeles. The […]
On a trip to the Chilean Patagonia, two friends, dancers, head into the wide-open natural spaces, diving deep into the self. During this voyage a Selknam voice is heard, revived […]
Mind Your Step
Eric Litts, a devout lobby boy, becomes fixated with a precarious crack at his local theatre. He takes it upon himself to remind every departing guest to mind their step. […]
Monsters are real
After isolating himself in the wilderness a man reemerges to reunite with his family. Ron Huffstutter Director Ron Huffstutter Writer Marc Natoli Producer Ron Huffstutter Producer Vishal Rawal Producer John […]
A young girl comes to a mysterious village, she lives a quiet life as a priestess. Until a special ceremony, she is gradually pushed into the abyss. YUWEI DU DirectorDIRECTOR […]
Mti (29), a haitian inmigrant, after years of saving money during his stay in Chile decides to return with his wife and daughter in Haiti. However, his plans will be […]
Murder in Paris
Murder in Paris is a political crime thriller doccie that traces the motives for the assassination of anti-Apartheid activist, Dulcie September. The story travels from the heart of Paris in […]
My name is Nobody
This is a short documentary about a friend who was homeless and lost everything. He was denied from getting disability. It’s a love story to a friend. LENGTH:  00:30:56


No One
While following the journey of an extra-dimensional being we witness a divided path. The physical and spiritual beings are separated and then brought together to adjust to life as a […]
Not Out
“Not Out” tells the story of Siddhant, an internationally acclaimed poet and his former gay lover Rahul, a famous Cricket player for India, reuniting after Siddhant is brutally attacked one […]
Novel Romance
A lost love note sparks a series of what ifs. Can real life mirror a romance novel? When Francesca finds a long-forgotten postcard in a used book, she and her […]


On My Way
Winter storm’s night. In his last breaths of life, Jules (35) imagines himself at home, taking one last look at his family. As he gaze around, he notices his wife […]
Orbital Christmas
In near future, ALI, a Muslim space pilot, is working alone on a space station during the Christmas season, because all other crew is back to the Earth for holidays. […]
Our Next Chapter
A thought provoking film as a response to COVID-19 pandemic. These unprecedented times require that the artists look within themselves and take the responsibility to reflect what’s happening in the […]


Pandemic statements
“pandemic statements” is a film by cari ann shim sham* centered around emotional states, written statements, sounds and movements of, from and for a pandemic captured & witnessed through screens. […]
Parting Glass
Bonnie is an American on holiday in Ireland to cope with her husband’s recent suicide. She visits a pub and keeps to herself, but is confronted by the pub-owner’s younger […]
Paysages is a contemplative and immersive work, a meditation on the fusion of materials that represent the cycle of nature. Evolving to the point of destruction; a fatalistic cycle repeated […]
UK indi mock-doc that follows the misadventures of former professional darts player, ‘Cocky’ Rocky Goldfingers, as he comes out of jail after serving 16 years, determined to prove to the […]
Staring his brother-in-law’s corpse dead in the eye when his worried wife calls him up, an adulterer is confronted with the consequences of his actions: will he answer for his […]
Promise Me
A young man seamlessly going about his life unexpectedly runs into the love of his life triggering memories of their whirlwind romance. Bérénice Achille Director Bérénice Achille Writer Bérénice Achille […]
Yi-Tong Zhao Director Yi-Tong Zhao Writer Jie-Ze Zhao Assistant Director Si-Yin Jiang Script Supervisor Yun-Ci Fan Producer Ya-Wen Hu Producer Zhong-Yi LiD irector of Photography Jun-Han Lin Gaffer Hui-Wen Zhang […]


Raise Your Hand
Gia and her best friend Lila survived a rough childhood in a neighborhood where every kid has a sad story to tell. Now, as teenagers, Gia struggles to use her […]
On days you wake up not feeling like yourself, it’s good to go to the beach. Eric Colonna Director Eric Colonna Writer Anthony Lucido Producer Brian White Producer Eric Colonna […]
Rawr Rawr Land
Amidst the end of the world, one dinosaur wants to take shelter, and one wants to dance the night away. Antonio Montilla Director Antonio Montilla Writer Ringling College of Art […]
RECAPTCHA uses abstraction in an attempt to narrate an inscrutable bodily trauma. The text of this video is a message I sent to a Canadian city police department via an […]
José, a peasant boy, loses his ball in a strange thicket in front of his house. An unusual encounter will make us think that sometimes danger is found where we […]
Regretful Memories
Shi-Han Yeh Director Peng-Qi Liao Producer Sin-Wei He Screenplay Wan-Ru Liu DOP Han-Ling Bao Gaffer Wan-Ri Liu PD Wan-Ri Liu Makeup Chia-Hsuan HsuE ditor Chia-Hsuan Hsu Colorist Chia-Hsuan Hsu VFX […]
Where the mountains meet the Black Sea, in the mist of a landfill dump, lives Dato. Stray animals are Dato’s best friends. Everyday he salvages building materials to build an […]
Revenge of a Grandmother
A grandmother takes revenge on a priest for the sexual abuse of her grandson. Timur Örge Director ACTFORCE, Facade, Choices Caroline Felber Writer Der lautlose Schrei, V.I.R.U.S., Odyssee in A-Moll, […]
ROCKS is a 2D 6 minutes and 19 seconds animation thesis film that talks about a young woman dealing with difficult memories of her father, an astronaut, and his decision […]
Red (or ‘Rouge’ in French) is the color of violence and love. This is a story about self-love, exposed through an explosion of anger. A liberating experience. Ilann Ivan-Rey Director […]
Russia From Above. narrated
Russia from Above narrated by John Malkovich.
Russia is by far the largest country on Earth. Spanning 11 time zones, Russia From Above is the unprecedented endeavour to capture the length […]


Saving Salvador
A dark comedy about three sisters who take matters into their own hands when bureaucratic chaos prevents them from doing what’s right for their father. Luisa Maria González Director Natal […]
A former bare-knuckle boxer battles the effects of brain trauma while finding a sense of peace in the healing power of music. Brandon Watts Writer There’s Magic In The Mundane […]
Seaside Azan (for a lover of pearl)
A Sufi mystic film poem investigating the turbulence of the male psyche and the oppression of women within the context of fundamentalist Islam Andrew Kamel Director Andrew Kame Writer Andrew […]
See you Garbage!
For Christmas, three garbage collectors, Élie, Nino and Belz, are surprised to be received for dinner at the house of the Prime Minister and the First Lady. They go there, […]
Seyran Ateş: Sex, Revolution and Islam
In the 1960s, the hippies championed the idea of a sexual revolution. They received neither Fatwas nor bodyguards. Today, Seyran Ateş – a Turkish- German lawyer, feminist, and one of […]
During a lockdown, Alison is left by her boyfriend. Isolated, she tries to move on but she will have to face her past. PHILIPPE BOISSIER Director PHILIPPE BOISSIER Writer PHILIPPE […]
Jordan gives his childhood friend Brian a day off from his illness to do a list of nostalgic activities while avoiding the inevitable changes to their relationship. Chad Crenshaw Director […]
Silent Notes
A misunderstood, deaf, white young man longs to join a black Baptist choir that he secretly admires, in hopes of becoming part of the community. Synopsis: A timid and withdrawn […]
„Silver“ is a non-narrative abstract short video. A mix of film footage and animation, which has been digitally alienated and abstracted from the original and dramatized with a sound collage. […]
An animated exploration of poet Marie Howe’s “Singularity (after Stephen Hawking),” a meditation on the connections between the grandly cosmic and the intensely personal. Read by the poet, as part […]
Sit Down and Shut Up
It’s 1980, Ireland is in the midst of recession, the world is locked in the Cold War and football royalty Real Madrid travel to play local football club Limerick City […]
A Downtown Artist struggles with his newly found sobriety. Christopher Thompson Director How To Sell A Banksy Christopher Thompson Writer Salah Anwar Producer Ramy, That Damn Michael Che Dutch Welch […]
Something you’ve never told me
Long-time, twenty-something friends, Frances and Eliza, embark on a getaway at a secluded vacation home for a weekend of camaraderie and relaxation. But underlying tensions and stoned revelations soon find […]
Marcus and his mother Ani scheduled a videoconference to take news from each other. By the end of the call, they realize they won’t be able to make time soon […]
Southern Hospitality
Ruthlessness and deception, from the old west, to modern day. Not much has changed. Gui Agustini Director Roses Are Blind, Coming To Terms, An Underwear Ordeal, iara Joseph Blake Menzel […]
Spoken Word Coffee Date
A man and woman meet for a date at a coffee shop. Poetry ensues. Kara Addington Director Diane Chernansky Writer Diane Chernansky Producer Junko Goda Producer It’s Asian Men!, Digital […]
Stories We Will Be
Where to start, if not from our memory, to imagine the future after this global emergency? In the period of isolation caused by Covid-19, in which we have all witnessed […]
Strangers (Chute)
In an anonymous city, a person collapses, appearing to have lost consciousness. Some strangers pass by, others embrace her. In a solitary quest for intimacy, blinded by a world of […]
Stuttgart Sub Rosa
During a period of restrained movement, silent fear and invisible walls, temporal barriers and solitude, the city became a place outside, detached from experience and projected under the hopes for […]
Summer Reverie
“Summer Reverie” is about Simon’s frustrating experience trying to reestablish a relationship with his first love. When he is forced to confront a harsh reality far short of his idealistic […]
Swan In Spring
Life is good again Bruce Petschek Director Bruce Petschek Writer Bruce Bruce Petschek Producer LENGTH:  00:01:20


Tango Through Life
Life is like a dance where we do not know the dance steps… Visually stunning and highly symbolic, Tango Through Life explores how every interaction with others effects and changes […]
A young man is trapped in a nightmare-scape bunker with a personal demon of desire, waiting for the Father to grant him permission to leave. But permission is unnecessary after […]
Texturas de Luz Sobre Negro 
Light textures on black background is part of an audiovisual artistic research project that tries to transfer expressive and emotional concepts to the screen with moving images and, therefore, intentionally […]
The Birthland
Historically Rohingya people have a long period of persecution and at the moment Kutupalong of Cox’s Bazar District in Bangladesh is one of the largest Refugee Camp in the world […]
The Booth
“The Booth” is an exploration of the history and subculture surrounding the private viewing booths hidden in the back of adult bookstores. “The Booth” is about adult video arcades and […]
The Cantor’s Last Cantata
About to retire, the cantor of a small reform Jewish synagogue in Brooklyn, NY, mounts a production of the “Brooklyn Baseball Cantata,” a largely forgotten musical oddity from 1940. Composed […]
The Chaperone
An unexpected visitor causes a man to reexamine his life while slowly growing to accept his death. Victoria DeMartin Director Jon Comulada Writer Jon Comulada Producer Victoria DeMartin Producer John […]
The Country Club
College applications are approaching. Worried about their father being laid off, two resourceful teenage girls hatch a plan to win the prize money of a junior golf tournament at a […]
The Elephant Gown
Trauma is his reality. A young boy from Harlem is faced with the traumas that come with being black in America from his eleven-year-old perspective. The figure in the elephant […]
The Game Is Up: Disillusioned
A GOP congressman-turned right wing shock jock; a rising star in the Young Republicans; a party-loyal Ohio farmer; a US Army Veteran & hardcore ‘MAGA’; and three evangelicals all recount […]
The Green Line
The Green Line is the coming-of-age story of Yehudit, from a hilltop-youth adolescent, sobered by the harsh realities of life there, to a mature young woman, leaving it behind while […]
The Homecoming of Princess
The film is about Princess of Chinatown, an New York based Chinese drag artist, who makes a personal statement about her identity and gender identity based on her own experience. […]
The Journey of Theresia
An artistic adventure through the Atlantic ocean and a look at the journey that both scientists and a young mother whale must take. Ryan Powel lWriter Jessika Raisor Art Director […]
The Name of the Plum Blossom
The Name of the Plum Blossom is a mixed-media film that combines traditional hand-drawn animation, animated photo collage & stop-motion techniques. The director tells the story of her mother as […]
The Order of Sin
A young woman fights to remain wild inside of a domestic relationship LaurenSage Browning Director Nap the Play (National Tour), Fridays at 4pm LaurenSage Browning Writer LaurenSage Browning Producer Zach […]
The Origin Story
After suffering a devastating tragedy, a broken young man embarks on a strange journey to a radical Swedish healing program that turns people into fruit. Taylor Bakken Director Advent Calendar […]
The Originals
Cristina Maria Costantini Director Director, Science Fair, Mucho Mucho Amor Alfie Kim Koetter Director Artistic Director, Science Fair, Mucho Mucho Amor Length: 00:10:15:
The Phoenix
After successfully acquiring superpowers, a young girl attempts to fix her parents’ marriage. In the end, she learns that superpowers can’t fix everything. Regina Pigsley Writer Face Value, Matched, Witching […]
The Seismic Properties of Cloud Computing
The Seismic Properties of Cloud Computing interrogates contradictory metaphors of infinite accessibility and total security advertised by cloud infrastructure providers. Bringing words by Walter Benjamin and Louise Amoore to life […]
The Three Building Blocks
The three building blocks is a symbolic analysis on the development of a relationship. It discusses the symbiotic process of dressing the same persona and flooding oneself with the other. […]
The Time of the Fireflies
Despite the loneliness he experiences living in New York, and the oceanic distance that separates him from his home, Miguel remains resiliently motivated to help this family he hasn’t seen […]
Mona, her husband Theo and daughter Hanna live in an idyllic villa on the outskirts of Berlin. When the attractive 18 years old daughter of a friend comes to visit, […]
The Violin and its shadow
An environmental migrant, is forced to abandon his ruined village. During his journey, he revives painful memories and encounters the widespread destruction of the ecosystem, caused by human civilization. Things […]
They Call Me Dax
Fifteen-year-old Dorothy struggles to survive as a high school student and ballet dancer. Fondly called Dax by her friends, she lives by herself in a poor district in Quezon City, […]
Tommy and the Guru
A middle aged man seeks out a new-age master to help him overcome a life filled with loss, and stop falling on his face. An unlikely relationship forms. Brian Russell […]
A 90s Nintendo-inspired dream of a windy future in the mountains, animated by one man over two years. Saadin Dassum Director Saadin Dassum’s Glasgow Lady, Saadin Dassum’s MSND Saadin Dassum […]
Townhouse Confidential
When Liz Perry and her two sisters inherit a crumbling New York City townhouse from their parents, the race is on to find a wealthy tenant to rent the downstairs […]
Trash Day
America’s abundance of discarded goods is examined through New York City dumpster divers. Caroline Vokas Director Caroline Vokas Writer Caroline Vokas Producer LENGTH: 00:11:15
Truth in Recruiting
Because of a new policy, a U.S. Army recruiter is forced to tell a young man the truth—sort of. Director Jonny Lewis
Walfrido Larduet, a lonely electrical inspector, dreams of the Red Woman, whose image persists and becomes an obsession. Something tells him she is near. Over the course of a day, […]
Turbo Cola
AUSTIN MORRIS is foregoing the biggest party of the year to work overtime at the Quality Mart, much to the chagrin of his new girlfriend, Mary Jane. What his friends […]
Two Glasses Of White Wine
Does being in a relationship really equal being happy? Who are we, when we don’t have someone to mirror ourselves? Marie (29) is newly single, recently breaking up with her […]


VENUS is a video installation and experimental sound composition that draws from various archetypal representations of the Birth of Venus, mythological cosmology, and contemporary astronomy. Here, the planet Venus is […]
Haze, “big-city” newspaperman, searches the High Plains for a “country-flavor” story for the Post. The urban/rural divide is palpable the moment he arrives. Is understanding possible between city slickers and […]
Anna, a victorian teenage ghost, leaves behind the boring routine of over 100 years living alone in an English attic for a real adventure in a tropical land. Gabriela Capello […]


Walk Alone
A young Tibetan businessman delivering goods to the landlord, and encountered a shepherd at a stormy night.  Strangely, the businessman feels like he heard the shepherd’s name before… Lamu Shangchoo […]
We Saved Private Ryan
It’s WWII, and Captain Hodges shows up on the doorstep of Mrs. Ryan to give her the good news that one of her four sons is alive. The ungrateful Mrs. […]
When I Explode
Chris’ thirtieth Birthday party is turned upside down when he finds out there is a ticking bomb growing in his stomach. Bomb expert Alim is brought in to defuse both […]
When I Get Grown
Trauma experienced by a seven-year-old sets him on a course to become a civil rights legend and change the course of a nation. Chris Preitauer Director Clayborne Carson Producer Eyes […]
Who Killed Jazz
Elite professional jazz musicians address the elephant in the room: why are musicians living in poverty while the club owners and music distributors profit off of their life’s work? Have […]
A middle-aged woman begins to watch a young man in a window across the street. The drama that takes place there makes her remember her own life as a young […]


Yo Andrea
A middle-aged man hatches a plan to win the woman of his dreams. Brian Russell Director Sam Goes to College, If I Tel You, Frank & Ernie Mike Boland Writer […]
Young Love In a Dirty Place
Young Love In a Dirty Place
A girl explores multiple ways of closing the door to save their first relationship crisis. 
 A youthful love story in depressing surroundings depicts how it was when the first love […]