In the North, the last states take their first steps toward abolishing chattel slavery; though it will be generations before they will free the last of their slaves.


A Perfect Love
A PERFECT LOVE is a true life, inspirational short documentary about one family’s dream to adopt a child with special needs from China. Eight years and six children with special […]
After a long sleepless night, two friends ride a motorbike into the city until dawn. A trip at full speed in order to calm their mental restlessness after a long […]
A summer with dad
After a spring rain, promised piglets were not picked up and two lives were mowed down. This family drama took place just sixty years ago.
A travers
Louise is in her seventh month of pregnancy, but will have to terminate it for medical reasons. In the hospital, together with her husband Pierre, they will struggle to survive […]
Adult Wasteland
Adult Wasteland is a portrait of, and a homage to playtime. It is shot at Valnesfjord elementary school in Valnesfjord, Fauske municipality. All of the schools classes was invited to […]
Anne is ten minutes away from walking down the aisle. The world around her has other plans.
Animal Behavior
A skilled wildlife foley artist has his methods challenged by a newcomer with an innate understanding of animal behavior.
A tormented assassin with unique abilities takes on a job that could prove to be her last.
Archibald’s Syndrom
Archibald was born with some curious curse: he can’t make a move without everyone around doing the same.Now, grown man, he robs by despair a bank and, there, meets Indiana, […]
One evening, in a luxurious building in the centre of Paris, an armed woman bursts into the apartment of Adriano Rizzo, an actor who exploits his status to abuse young […]
Attack of the Flies
Attack of the Flies is a narrative sci-fi thriller set during the 1920’s Prohibition in the farthest north regions of Michigan. The isolation naturally breeds despair, but the arrival of […]
A grieving woman struggles to let go of the love of their life when a new technology could bring them back together in a twisting venture beyond dreams or reality.


Benoit and Catherine, a couple in their late twenties, go to his parents’ house for dinner. It is with surprise and apprehension that they learn that the whole family is […]
Babygirl is based on the true story of an Italian-American mother from Long Island who has settled into the life of a mobster’s wife.
Bailaora – Mi pies son mi voz (This is my voice)
Bailaora is a feature film documentary that tells the story of Siudy Garrido and her groundbreaking work as a Flamenco artist, immigrant, and woman.
Banished Childhood
Every year, thousands of boys and girls are forced to abandon their countries unaccompanied. They flee the violence with nothing more than what fits into their backpack. Alberto Arnaut Director […]
Beauty Boys
In a small village, Leo, 17 years-old, has a strong taste for make-up. His big brother, Jules, who fears to be laughed at, stands against this passion. On the night […]
Bernie Langille Wants to Know What Happened to Bernie Langille
Bernie Langille Wants To Know What Happened To Bernie Langille recreates the world of a family mystery in miniature, as a man sets out to uncover the truth around the […]
Betel Nut Fifty
Tian-Shun Chen, a migrant worker, is often told off by his employer. One day, after getting off work, he goes to a betel nut stand and has dinner with Wei […]
“Blame” is a drama that follows three combative sisters who visit their mother for the first time in an Assisted Living Facility, which they forced her to move into. The […]
Bombay Beach
Set in the remote town of Bombay Beach, this coming-of-age story follows a naive young girl who dreams of leaving her trailer park to reunite with her estranged father in […]
Born In Chicago
Narrated by Dan Aykroyd, Born In Chicago is a soulful documentary film that chronicles a uniquely musical passing of the torch. It’s the story of first generation blues performers who […]
Breadwinners: Alex Koones
Breadwinners is a five-part mini docuseries that examines the complex relationship between New Yorkers and the people who feed them. By focusing on farmers, food distributors, and home cooks, the […]
An evolutionary journey through a contaminated human dystopia packed in plastic waste that suffocates you. The future is the present. The earth is dying.
When I first heard of the word ‘puffer fish’, I asked Dad to draw one for me. He took a piece of paper and drew a small one on the […]
Buon Ferragosto
When his father has to work on Ferragosto (Italy’s national holiday) instead of going to the sea, a boy has the adventure of his lifetime in the city of Florence […]


After the death of her husband in a mining accident, a cable car operator in the city of Chiatura, Georgia, launches her own personal battle against the entire city. TOBY […]
Children of Peace
Children who were brought up in a utopic social experiment in the only community in the world where Palestinians and Israelis chose to live together in co-existence. “Oasis of peace” […]
Chinatown Auxiliary
A group of Chinese grandpas and grandmas have been patrolling the streets of Manhattan Chinatown for several decades as NYPD volunteer police. They fought to find belonging in this unwelcoming […]
Cooking Inside: from Prison to Home
Two men who were formerly incarcerated together recreate a prison meal exactly as they made it inside. Cooking Inside explores America’s cruel and broken prison system through the humanity of […]
Copyright Infringement
Contemporary Artist, CJ Hendry, creates a global scavenger hunt for her artwork in her annual exhibition, Copyright Infringement. The film explores the law of copyright infringement, social media, and the […]
Absurd comedy about a lonely man who lives inside a cuckoo clock. Every hour he straps himself into his ejection seat and shoots through the doors of the clock. “Cuckoo!” […]


Date with Self
Dating yourself is complicated.
A Yorkshire war veteran battling with substance abuse and unemployment works tirelessly for a chance to get a certificate in drywalling and find himself a stable job in the Peak […]
Dear Yada
“Dear Yeda” is a short experimental animation that flows like a moving poem of memories in honor of my grandmother.
Deathhood is meant to illustrate the beauty of the taboo topic of death.
Decoy film
In a post-apocalyptic world, murder robots track down and attempt to kill a cyborg girl.
It is not clear why Raph is in the interrogation room, handcuffed and facing two policemen, he seems ready to deliver the truth about what drives him. Little by little, […]
When two thieves accidentally murder a man at a convenience store, a misguided 11 year old store clerk embodies his hero, cowboy pornstar JOHNNY OUTLAW, to save DEJA VU LIQUOR.
As a woman slowly deletes the photos of her ex from social media, the memories seem to delete with them.
Delicious music video
AMpro & Steepnoise Music Video Alisher Mishelyov Director Alisher Mishelyov Writer Alisher Mishelyov Producer    
Denny Barracuda
Who on earth is Denny Barracuda? William has no idea, but he’s about to let her into his apartment after spending eight months in quarantine.
Asylum seekers taking on illegal work finds themselves in a difficult situation when one is sexually assaulted by their boss. Facing deportation or their attacker walking free, one of them […]
A young woman suffers a sudden loss. Isolated from the outside world in a barren desert landscape, she processes her experience to understand and accept her feelings.
The September 11th attacks continue to kill. 2,996 people lost their lives that day, however by 2021 that number will be surpassed by the deaths from 9/11 related illnesses.


Earth Day
A young scientist must face the difficulties of her degree and message constantly being questioned. Through support from friends and the will to not back down, Rachel must learn to […]
From birth to sacralization, change is the infinite path of being.
Egg Man
A boy’s fried eggs keep disappearing. Comedy ensues.
Essentially Amy
A young Chinese American girl working at her local grocery store during the height of the pandemic must confront growing racism towards Asian Americans while mitigating her mother’s expectations and […]
Everybody Dies…Sometimes
A dark comedy about death anxiety that follows MARA as she grapples with the belief that she has killed everybody she’s gotten close to.
Exposure Therapy
A young woman struggles with thoughts of killing her best friend. Shane Tully Director Shane Tully Writer Andrea Figliomeni Key Cast The Mystery of Her, American Crime Story: Impeachment Madelyn […]
A 16mm short film about a young woman goes out one night to a social club to connect with her Puerto Rican identity.


Fall Float Fly
At the speed of thought a soul travels through a landscape of dreams, feelings, and spaces. She discovers the darkness and lightness in human life by diving into a fantastical […]
Far Away Portrait of a Woman
On the days when the darkness covers the city, Sahand needs a photo to complete his photo collection. He meets his lover in a part of Iran’s dark history, but […]
Find Out
“Find Out” embodies the cyclical nature of one’s own questions and thoughts, with a noticeable reverence for kirtan chants and Middle Eastern classical music, in its repetitive refrain. Abby Ahmad […]
Finding Vega
A 12-year-old girl who lives in a Chinatown single-room-occupancy family with her vegetative state mother has a passionate love for the starry sky. While eagerly wanting to realize her self-worth, […]
Friendship is the story of two childhood friends who bond together despite their different personalities and ethnicities. The short film spans their lifelong journey and portrays how they sustain their […]
Frontline Nurses
This visually poignant animation depicts the realities of the Frontline nurses who experienced the emotional and psychological impact of COVID-19 with immeasurable intensity.


Galactic Blood
What is the reductive beginning of the universe? This story is another cosmic story. The sun and earth are about to collide in anger. How do we avoid this conflict? […]
Game Birds
Hazar, a Turkish war photographer lost one of his eyes under tortures of jihadi’s in middle east war. After two years in prison, he flees. At home, Hazar learns about […]
When a new “love drug” is released, two seemingly compatible people decide if dating is worth the risk to find true love or if all their problems can be solved […]
Goth Beach
Music Video for Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys


Halcyon Reign – Ahab
Music video for Australian prog-metal band Halcyon Reign, directed by Horror director Adam Jordan
A farmer struggles with his mortality following a near fatal heart attack.
He Won’t Belong
In the midst of a storm on a desolate strip of California’s lost coast, Theo spots a young man named Connor wandering aimlessly on the side of the road. He […]
Helios’ Everlasting
A child sets out through the history of cinema in search of company. Using the pioneering photographs of Eadweard Muybridge as its point of departure, Helios’ Everlasting explores the freedom […]
Horseshoe Crabs: How 350-Million-Year-Old Sea Creatures are Vital to Human Survival
With the worldwide race to develop and manufacture vaccines came renewed interest in horseshoe crabs.
House of the Unholy
A bloodthirsty Princess puts out a bounty to hunt down the last of the Indigo Elf tribe. She is on a quest to attain a magical elixir that’s hidden in […]
House to Herself
A young woman aimlessly wanders around her lakeside home while her father is out of town. A comment on how the pandemic has alienated us and shifted our social expectations […]


I c
“I c” is a con amore art film that questions the challenge we as humans and our planet are facing. Sweet, sexy and disturbing “I c” will take you through […]
I Was Born
With fantasy and fragments of memories, the child tries to reconstruct in her mind the environment and place of her birth, the images of parents and how their fates developed […]
Emmanuel, the 15-year-old protagonist of this film, begins receiving a series of disturbing visions forcing him to confront the fears he has about his identity.
Island recounts the history of a small secluded island over the course of several millennia, to reveal a telling lesson about human nature.
It Is Quiet Here
A young couple is torn from the world for one long night in a hotel room in a town near the border. That night they agreed not to talk about […]
It’s All Your Fault
For those of you who always carry the weight of the world, just know, it’s all your fault. Fella Cederbaum Director Fella Cederbaum Writer Fella CederbaumProducer Fella Cederbaum Key Cast […]
It's Just Business
It’s Just Business
It’s Just Business is a short film about the crime of human trafficking and modern slavery. But the point of view is unexpected and disturbing. The film is surreal, dreamlike, […]
It’s Spring…
Aram Amatuni is a retired special forces spy who has devoted his entire life to serving and protecting his country and to creating a lawful government. His son, Gnel, is […]


James Vs. Wines: The highrise of meanings
This is the story of a stubborn, resilient man, the architect and artist James Wines, who wrote the history of the future landscape with the power of ideas, a pen […]
During a romantic anniversary dinner, a young novelist struggles to find the best way to break up with his unstable and jealous girlfriend without getting hurt.
John DeMena – Eternal Eyes (Music Video)
Outer space, dystopia, love, and captivating graphics intertwine in this hypnotic animated story where the main character, struggling to cope with modern society, seeks an escape form this world unsuspecting […]
Jungle Go Dumb ft Will I Am
This is a story a story about an unsociable man upset about the world but thanks to music will experience a journey that will change him.


Keep Cool: Fortifying British Columbia
In 2017 and 2018 British Columbia experienced devastating wildfires that reshaped the province.
Kyle Morrison – How am I Alive
The official music video for “How am I Alive”. A band has a series of near death experiences right before their big gig, but it looks like trouble has followed […]


What is the most you have ever lost in a poker game?
La Reproduction
Marc-Antoine is a 35 year old man, with an old fashioned appearance. One day he sees a new neighbor arrive in the building across the street. Quickly, he begins to […]
Let’s Go Outside
A man invites the viewer to go outside
Two restless teens make a desperate attempt to get to the city in hopes of a better life.
lina Pasok
Director Ilia Prusikin
Director Alina Pasok
Writer Ilia Prusikin
Writer Misha Zvagilskiy
Producer David Alan Graf
Key Cast Sam H. Clauder II
Key Cast

Little Hurts
An errand at the dry cleaners unleashes a free-for-all of fat-shaming, body image demons and family dieting obsessions.
After the tragedy of the death of a baby at the sea. The family says goodbye to her and from that moment the loneliness of her sister begins, who feels […]
Little pile of things 1&2
This documentary made in two parts, begins with Jeanette, an old lady explaining her life with her things. While, in the second part, her objects and archives tell us different […]
Look Up
Just to catch a glimpse of the starry sky, Wei-Guang Zhao frequently braves cold nights in the mountains. His determination is respected by his peers, yet his family cannot relate.
Lost Face
Adapted from the Jack London story: A fur thief must think fast to escape the terrible, protracted death that awaits him at the hands of the native tribe he had […]
Love Lies
Love Lies is a music video/short film about past and present romantic relationships, and the psychological affects they can have on those involved.
Luxury Trap
Luxury Trap details a college student graduating into the remote work-from-home landscape and navigating the new normal.


Made of Flesh
With a touch of blush and a few drops of lip gloss, Lucie is getting ready to start her training day to become a hostess at a motor show. A […]
Mango Garry
The track is called Mango Garry and shows a day in the life of a filthy rich philanderer and his feline companion as they traverse New York City in search […]
Teenager Jerry grows up in a small seaside town with his loving mother and sister, helping in a centre for disabled people and getting ready for a dental operation. When […]
Directed, shot, and performed solely by Jonathon Kimble, “Metamorphosis” was filmed during the COVID lockdown of Spring/Summer 2020 in Toledo, Ohio. A man is quarantined alone in his house while […]
Miss Viborg
Former beauty queen Solvej lives in isolation with her dog, her routine, and her shattered dreams. When she forms an unlikely friendship with her neighbor’s daughter, the rebellious 17-year-old Kate, […]
mitote : psychological chaos experienced by every human who lives in society. Lou quits her medical studies to devote herself to her true calling as a clothing designer.
Something seems wrong. Something unnerving that could be rooted in crime, mental illness or plain dark fantasy. Monster explores non-linear storytelling through association, gut feeling and an unsettling sound track.
Mova Oborony
An audio-visual play with digital image manipulation that displays body movements amidst a nameless desert, accompanied by a constant rhythmic beat.


Neon Nola
One short animation video that is done after the trip to New Orleans captures the festive and energetic feeling of the city. The drawings are edited based on the rhythm […]
New York I’m Breaking Up With You
Dumped by his girlfriend, a broken-hearted Stephen blames New York city for his misfortunes. When he decides to dump the city and leave, the city finds a way to pull […]
Niagara Falls
At the edge of her life, a woman must confront a cascade of hopes, desires and fallen dreams.
Night Is The Expectation Of Day
The story of an elite drug developer who becomes a victim of intellectual property piracy and his life is dramatically changed. The young pharmacist signs a contract with a pharmaceutical […]
No Estamos Solos
MIKEL is a routine person who gets up every day to do the same kind of work in his office and to solve crossword puzzles during his breaks. However, he […]
Not For Me
A young man is going to the country to gather mushrooms. On his way he meets a young girl. The impression of this fleeting meeting changes both his inner world […]


Our America
“Our America” is a short-form, non-narrative meditation on American 20th century industrial promises gone awry. The film explores the dreams of World War II America through imagery based on 1943 […]
Our past springs will not return
After 60 years of marriage and in the middle of a pandemic, Antonio watched his wife leave to a retirement home. While visits are not allowed, he spends his days […]
Out of the Darkness
A short documentary about the musicians who volunteered to play music for the first responders during 9/11.
Out of the Garden
This summer, Ah Le’s ‘Go out of the Garden’ ceremony, a traditional rite of passage in the Chaoshan region, is about to take place. When he goes out to help […]
Over/Under is the true story of writers’ Sianni Rosenstock and Sophia Silver’s lifelong friendship. Our story begins in 2002 when Violet West and Stella Steinberg are nine-years-old. During the school […]


Reading the novel Essay on Blindness by José Saramago captivated me from the beginning due to the parallelism with John Wyndham’s novel The Day of the Triffids. Both works touch […]
Para Saber Que Te Quiero
There are many pieces of art about the love between parents and children but there are very few that talk about the relationship between parents and adopted children. Caticuénticos, the […]
A young woman returns to her empty childhood home and is confronted with memories in which her late mum was always there for her. She manages to bat the memories […]
Phantom of Knowledge
Ming, a 10-year-old kid, was recently found unable to see the color black. After seeing a doctor, the disease seems cured. Only later when his mother found out the truth […]
A graverobber has a crisis of conscience.
Pivot Pals
An uptight boy attempts to derail his mom’s relationship with her man-child boyfriend after reluctantly agreeing to spend the day with him.
PROGedia – We Are the Night
A journey into the world of nocturnal paintings. A dancing celebration of the night.


Filomena ´s life is struck by poverty and the sad obscurity of hardship and torment. Terrible occurrences will mark her character during her childhood growing up in a Galician hamlet […]
Little Rawa lives in a Syrian refugee camp on the northern border of Lebanon. With her brothers and sisters, she grew up in the camp like in a huge playground […]
A poet travels through landscapes that are like poems and paintings, understanding his dreams and looking for his transcendence. We are inspired by the traditional Chinese ink wash paintings, poems, […]
Return to Eden
“Return to Eden” is a love story set in a time of rising fascism, in the polarized town of Eden, Oregon. Return to Eden refers to Josef Klein’s return to […]
Rhapsody in Justice
Following 3 journalists, “Rhapsody in Justice” cleverly portrays the idiosyncrasies and complexities of racism during the Trump era. Set in Harlem New York the film utilizes satirical humor and heart […]
Robots Don’t Tell Jokes
Robot thinks he has a wonderful joke, so he keeps trying to tell it, but none of the other robots ever laugh. They tell him “robots don’t tell jokes…” Will […]
Two young and naive star-crossed lovers are caught between their forbidden relationship and the expectations of the world around them. While hiding their innocent romance from the devious and calculating […]
Two exes find they continue to impact each other as they struggle to regain a routine that no longer exists. H. Dyllan Hobeck Director H. Dyllan Hobeck Writer H. Dyllan […]


Somewhere in the US a family hears an unsettling bump in the night.
A Floridian fairytale about intense emotions, guilt, and repressed traumas during a hot summer in 2012.
After the Fountain of Youth makes immortality accessible, a vulnerable married couple must choose if it really is “til death do us part.”
Sane Men
Kristen and Sarah are two polar-opposite sisters who have spent their life at the mercy of their flighty mother Sarah’s attraction to convicted felons, but Sarah’s latest wife-killer beau, David, […]
An inspiring and intimate portal into the world’s most dangerous sport, through the journey of one man’s grit and rugged willpower to achieve the elusive dream of becoming a world […]
Ciaran and Michael meet one summer and become quick friends. When school returns and Michael, a member of the Traveller community, attends the same school as Ciaran for the first […]
An eerie slow-burn psychological thriller in the vein of Queen of Earth, Dogtooth, and Rosemary’s Baby. Blindsided by divorce, a young woman seeks refuge in the home of an old […]
It lives by the sea, accompanied by another being. In the dull time, it only seeks the sea for enchanting. But it finds out that they are yearning for the […]
On the day of her abortion, Dana looks for her own way to come to terms with her decision.
Secrets by Zach Fields
When you get lost in someone’s eyes, it’s easy to day dream about them. Music video of artist Zach Fields’ original song “Secrets.” Directed by Bill Klages and Ben Drumm.
‘It has certainly been a time for introspection, voluntary or imposed and this odyssey into the past is a stimulating evocation of how identity is formed and celebrated – and […]
A woman pulls into a gas station, but instead of asking the attendant to “Fill it up!”, she makes some odd requests!
Since I Been Down
In 1993, Washington State voters passed the three-strikes law and sent children to prison for life without parole. We feared these children as irredeemable superpredators.
Skeletons is a tragic romance between a young woman and a skeleton set to an epic ballad by the band No Stories about wasted time and missed opportunities.
Two sisters, seven and eleven years old, are hiding inside a closet in a house. The little sister thinks they are rehearsing for a game but the older one knows […]
Song of the Cicada
A decade in the making, this documentary chronicles the musings and lifestyle of an eccentric mortician with an attraction to the forbidden living in the coastal town of Galveston, Texas. […]
Sorry for Your Loss
In the office of the Limbo transfer station, Miyu realized the cause of her death.
An older woman returns home to find life has taken a frightening turn.
April 2020, south of France, when stay-at-home is the new rule. During covid-19 lockdown, in an empty family house, I wander between my dreams and what remains of my childhood […]
Steps of Freedom (The Story of Irish Dance)
Steps of Freedom reveals how Irish dance was shaped over centuries through interactions with many cultures as it evolved from a simple folk dance to become a global phenomenon loved […]
Sucks to Be the Moon
Jealous of the Sun’s stardom, the Moon journeys into space, searching for a planet that actually cares about him. Will he find his place in the universe, or is he […]
Synthetic Love
Diane realizes that the man she fantasizes about shares his life with someone very peculiar… Diane, in her fifties, fantasizes about the enigmatic Pierre, who works with her at the […]


A couple’s date at a trendy restaurant is threatened by a fussy waiter, a powerful chef, and a mysterious menu item. Chef does not recommend missing this one.
Tender Parts
“I didn’t know which way home was, nor anything about it.” STEVEN SUBOTNICK Director STEVEN SUBOTNICK Writer STEVEN SUBOTNICK Producer STEVEN SUBOTNICK Cinematography STEVEN SUBOTNICK Art Director STEVEN SUBOTNICK Sound […]
The Appeal
The struggle of a father accused of shaking his baby who has been fighting for 10 years to have his innocence recognized. Anne Hirsch Director Arnaud Mansir Director Anne Hirsch […]
The Arrangement of Skin
Fiona Dean is a Scotland-based artist, who uses the medium of taxidermy to express her ideas. Rooted in her love of nature, she develops her craft to provoke discussion about […]
The Blind Swimmer
By breaking the darkness inside his eyes, He, the tortured soul, tried to imagine the world without having seen it. Walking slowly in his red coat, he’s smelling the flowers […]
The Bridge
With music from the legendary artist Lou Reed ‘The Bridge’ is a short film about mental and animal health inspired by a real life-saving friendship
The Caged Bird
A girl who yearns for freedom, Xiaohui, is trapped in an isolated mountain because she has to take care of her sick mother. Until she fell in love with the […]
The Circular City
A group of diverse artists living in Los Angeles are connected by the pursuit and struggles of creativity, love and self-discovery.
The Day
After the abortion, Didi re-enters the nursery space in her house and recalls some painful conversations between her and her husband.
The Encounter
A young woman returns to her empty childhood home and is confronted with memories in which her late mum was always there for her. She manages to bat the memories […]
The File
An older gay couple break into their recently deceased therapist’s house to retrieve their file for fear of it getting into the wrong hands.
The Final Bow
“The Final Bow” documentary is an exploration of the rich history of New York City’s Theatrical training and rehearsal space, Shetler Studios and Theatre.
The Good People of Orphan Ridge
An indie rock band sneaks into a haunted house to record their last album together.
The Holiday Maker
After she can’t financially afford to travel on her dream holiday, a young woman named Emily decides to build a miniature model wonderland of her dream destinations.
The Holy Bitch Project
Trigger warning: The film addresses domestic, sexual and digital violence, which can be stressful and retraumatizing. Please take care of yourself. Every third day, a woman in Germany is killed […]
The Interrogation
Set several decades in the future, The Interrogation is a cat and mouse game between a corporate media executive performing a “loyalty test” and a savvy news director harboring a […]
The Irritable Heart
After five tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, a decorated marine Travis Twiggs and his older brother Willard left their homes for a last, mysterious journey through the American West.
The Last Blue Rose
Police Ben, a hidden serial killer, has decided to stop killing. When he is interrogating a witness, he finds that he exposed fatal information in the last murder he has […]
The Last Passenger
It is in a small coastal town of Tohoku, Northeastern Japan, where a disastrous Tsunami wiped out the entire town and took thousands of people’s lives ten years ago. Years […]
The Lesson of Courage
The story happened in a small town in the south of China,On the way home from a junior high school, Xiao Nan passed the mountain road and see a shack. […]
The Life and Times of Schrodinger’s Cat
Physicist Erwin Schrodinger’s famous thought experiment comes to life in this quantum mechanical adventure as the iconic Cat quests for his heritage, his identity, and his creator.
The Magic Flute
While he is covered in debts and has a dying mother, Arnaud meets Momo, a magician from his neighborhood with singular and malicious behavior who does sleight of hand tricks. […]
The Moon Followed Me to Falmouth
A seafarer sings the story of how he, as a young man, left Falmouth looking for a new life on the High Seas. During his voyage, he recounts how the […]
The Nest
Hilarity ensues when two soon to be step-sisters attempt to connect over a day of birdwatching in this goofball comedy.
The Paradise Lost Show
A young woman returns to her empty childhood home and is confronted with memories in which her late mum was always there for her. She manages to bat the memories […]
The Rabbit Died
In 1931 a young Pennsylvanian woman reveals an anguished secret.
The Renegade Legacy of Bleecker and MacDougal
Scenes of ground-breaking subversive poetry, radical music and activism that started more than 50 years ago in small cafes in New York City and went on to help change the […]
The Road to Milan
The Road to Milan follows Andrea Allen of Onyx Coffee Lab through her journey from winning the US Barista Championship to Milan, where she will compete in the World Barista […]
The Silent World of Barry Priori: Signing not waving
Barry Priori takes us on a journey into the world of the deaf.
The Sisters Karras
A story about the things that matter: Family, legacy, success, and textiles. Yes, textiles. Two estranged half-sisters form a complicated bond as they work together to retrieve their rare and […]
The Suicidal
Zoe, a young dancer was in front of a full theater when her boyfriend Oscar took the jump. Through time, space and the power of love she’ll try everything she […]
The Sweet Taste of Freedom
A man facing a long prison sentence has 48 hours to put his life in order.
The Way Home
The Way Home follows the journey of Ricardo, a successful business executive living in New York who left Puebla and never returned. The sudden death of the grandfather who raised […]
A couple goes to design their first child to a gene-editing clinic, hoping that the kid will have the successful and happy life that has eluded them.
Thirst is a video work about desire and the suffering it causes. About a love-hate relationship with the physical body and lost innocence.
This is Goodbye
After a devastating breakup, a young woman wants closure with the one who hurt her.
This Is Not Me
Transgenders in Iran, seems like explosive material. Amazing story about a few amazingly brave people.
This Room is My Oyster
This cartoon-pop musical spotlights childish codependents Hazel and Carson-Virginia, the soul-tied, dewy-eyed members of a two-man band on the run called The Infantiles.
Tidal externalizes the internal life of a bedside nurse over the course of a year. The film examines the cyclical nature of workplace trauma and the relentlessness of the nursing […]
Caught in a rut at his thankless job in New York City’s seedy underworld, a worn out delivery man attempts to find purpose in his life.
Torn Souls (Les Mains Vides)
1942 – Paris is occupied by the Germans. The atmosphere is really tense and conflictual at La Sorbonne . For Jacques, it is time to take action.
A visual Journey of remembrance in Amsterdam.
Train of Thought
“Train of Thought” is the story of a young adult struggling to decide whether or not to follow his “Cleos.” Follow his train of thought as he ponders the age-old […]


We are truly capable of turning our dreams into reality through strong mindset, will and courage. Legacy is a true foundation for greatness


An international high school girl is trapped in and digest a trauma nightmare that she never experienced before.


A young girl attempts to navigate the sea front on the search of her missing alcoholic mother over one night.
When a hardened mob boss catches feelings for a promising new recruit, jealousy and distrust grow within her inner circle and threaten to upend her empire.
We Only Live Once
Luca is eight years old and his mother has recently taken her own life. In the traumatic aftermath of his mother’s death, he continues to see her. The father tries […]
Weather Or Not
An egotistical New York author is outwitted by a small-town Uber driver. Based on a diary entry by David Sedaris, this slice-of-life comedy reflects the superiority “urban élites” feel they […]
When the Dust Clears
War is like the dust raised by the wheels that crush the pavement. As the dust settles, the pavement reveals its indelible scars. The children born in the cracks in […]
When The Shot
When the shot, connects life and death with a character that travels between present and childhood, sailing obscure waters and hiking trees’ wrinkles. Shot in s8mm, 16mm and digital video, […]
White Bird
The legendary aviator Charles Nungesser, is adrift in the middle of the ocean on the wreckage of his plane,the White Bird, as he attempted to cross the Atlantic with his […]
White Eye
A man finds his stolen bicycle and it now belongs to a stranger. In his attempts to retrieve the bicycle, he struggles to remain human.


Yes Repeat No
Three actors audition to play the Palestinian-Jewish actor and activist, Juliano Mer-Khamis, a former IDF paratrooper who defiantly identified as “100% Palestinian and 100% Jewish.”
YOLO, you only live once
Tom gets out of jail. Outside, his reputation as a offender awaits him. But a meeting will broaden his gaze and allow him to direct his destiny in another direction. […]